Everything There Is To Know About Powder Coating Finishes In Houston


What Is Powder Coating?

Simply put, powder coating in Houston is a method of dry coating an industrial product or element to provide protection against rust and corrosion. The powder coating process is superior to the traditional painting process in that it is more environmentally friendly, more durable, and provides a more professional finish. Powder coating can be used on metal, concrete, plastic, and steel and is highly versatile in both application and quality. Unlike traditional paint, powder coatings contain negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically found in the solvents (the liquid the pigments are suspended in).

What Types Of Powder Coating Are There?

Thermoset and thermoplastic are two types of powder coating. Thermoplastic powder finishes in Houston become soft and melt with the addition of heat. There is no chemical bonding between the metal, plastic, or concrete and the powder. Because of this quality, the powder coating can be recycled and reused. Thermoset powder coatings (such as fusion bonded epoxy) form chemical bonds after it cures, creating a super durable, heat-resistant coating. 

How Durable Is Powder Coating?

Very durable. There is a reason powder coating in Houston is quickly becoming the go-to method for architecture, infrastructure, the oil and gas industry, and even outdoor furniture. Powder coating can protect against corrosion, scratches, extreme temperatures, and more. 

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Non-Skid Powder Coating Finishes For Commercial Buildings In Houston


Commercial buildings in large metropolitan areas such as Houston, TX see an inordinate amount of traffic when compared to smaller cities.  With highly populous areas, buildings are typically built up instead of out. While elevators are the main method of going up and down, staircases are necessary for emergencies such as fires or electrical outages. With heavy traffic possible on staircases, it is imperative that non-skid powder coatings in Houston, TX are used to minimize slips and falls of tenants and visitors. Non-skid powder coatings ensure that the treads of the staircase do not become hazardously slippery during a rainstorm or a spill. These special powder coatings can also be applied to stair railings in commercial stairwells to add to the overall safety of the stairwell. 

Non-skid powder coatings in Houston, TX provide all the benefits of traditional powder coating, such as corrosion resistance and durability, while being environmentally friendly. For commercial buildings where handicap accessible ramps are necessary, non-skid powder coatings come in handy for both the disabled and their caretakers. Buildings that require loading ramps benefit from anti-slip ramps for workers and protects packages coming into the building from breaking should an employee fall. Traditional powder coating is beneficial across many industries on its own. With anti-slip properties, your powder coated elements provide protection for your structure and those who may use the structure as a space for their business or home.

Protecting Coastal And Marine Structures With Powder Coating In Houston


Marine-grade powder coatings in Houston, TX are special powder coatings specifically designed to withstand the harsh, corrosive environment of saltwater and the outdoors. Protecting marine equipment and boating equipment from corrosion, rust, and other issues caused by regular exposure to the marine environment is essential to their durability and safety. Tugboats, cruise ships, commercial fishing vessels, ferries, etc. are all subjected to wind, rain, sun, extreme variation in temperatures, and saltwater on a regular basis. Many aspects of a boat are metal and extremely vulnerable to corrosion, and a simple powder coating process protects the structure and many components for many years. 

The versatility of marine-grade powder coating in Houston, TX allows the smallest the largest components of a boat, marine, or coastal structure to be powder coated and protected from weathering. Direct contact with sea water is not the only risk to corrosion, however, and structures along the coast benefit greatly from marine-grade powder coating. Port structures, dock structures, coastal playgrounds, and coastal commercial or residential buildings will all reap the rewards of marine-grade powder coating in Houston, TX.  

Marine vessels are subject to the exposure of different chemicals, even in clean water, that could also damage the structure without the right protective coating. Different powder coating methods offer different protections, so discussing with Houston Powder Coaters your needs, as well as what your product will be exposed to, is crucial in getting the maximum benefit out of your coatings. Marine-grade powder coatings in Houston, TX create an impermeable barrier between the sea salts and the structure underneath, preventing corrosion before it starts.

Powder Coating For Billboards In Houston


In large cities like Houston, thousands upon thousands of billboards line the busy highways and interstates to advertise businesses and organizations. It is a great way to advertise as people drive to and from work, school, the grocery store, etc. However, with the elements and weather subjecting billboards to constant abuse, they can look worn and torn relatively quickly, especially in a city like Houston. 

With powder coating in Houston, TX, the durability far surpasses that of liquid paint. Billboards are particularly susceptible to wind, rain, heat, cold, sun, etc. because they are lifted high into the air making ensuring their durability tantamount. A beat-up looking billboard gives passersby the impression that the business or organization may also be run-down although that is not true. 

Do not think that choosing powder coating in Houston, TX for your billboard will result in limited color options. That could not be further from the truth. Houston Powder Coaters has access to the RAF line of colors and can color match accurately to many other color systems to ensure that colors are accurate from digital media to billboard. 

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Protecting Infrastructure With Powder Coating In Houston


Infrastructure is a small word that makes up a huge portion of what society sees and uses every day from parking lots to parks, sewage and water collection, electrical systems, transportation systems, and more. What is considered public works is a part of a nation or region’s infrastructure, and because it encompasses such a large portion of everyday life, ensuring durability and longevity is essential to a happy public. 

For playground equipment at public parks, making sure nothing becomes rust-laden is essential for public safety. Powder coating in Houston, TX is environmentally friendly and offers corrosion-resistant coatings in bright colors to suit child minds. Anti-slip powder coatings can be used on steps and pathways too. Parking lot barricades can also be powder coated in bright colors to ensure their visibility to prevent accidents. 

Unlike paint, which will need expensive repainting every few years, powder coating is chip and scratch-resistant and can last for many years.  Even the strongest outdoor paints on the market are susceptible to chipping, and unless sanded smooth during a repaint, previously chipped areas are more likely to chip again. Powder coating in Houston is also resistant to fading in direct sunlight. Most importantly, old and rusted equipment can be media blasted and powder coated to appear new with better protection than it ever had before, and it is more cost-effective than a complete replacement.

Choosing Powder Coating For Architectural Purposes In Houston


Most large-scale modern buildings rely on powder coating for design and protective function. First and foremost, in many designers’ minds is appearance, but that appearance also has to fit budget constraints, environmental limitations, durability, and maintenance requirements. Architectural powder coating in Houston, TX comes in many colors with more than 200 RAL colors and a color matching system for other color systems as well. Avant-garde architecture is also well-suited for powder coating, because it ensures complete and uniform coverage of the surface. Mesh, perforations, angles, curves, etc. are all well coated. Choose from matte, satin, and gloss finishes as well houston-powder-coating-2001CHOOSING POWDER COATING FOR ARCHITECTURAL PURPOSES IN HOUSTONas plain colors, anodic coatings, and granular powders to completely customize the structure.

In an increasingly sustainably minded society, powder coating is the premier choice. With negligible VOCs, powder coatings are environmentally friendly and don’t need special disposal methods. Powder coating in Houston, TX is a clean process, and overspray can be retrieved and reused, meaning less waste. Liquid coatings use solvents to suspend pigment. These solvents are often harmful to workers and the environment and costly equipment is needed to store liquid coating waste until disposal. Other advantages over liquid coatings are their durability, capabilities for thicker or specialized coatings, more efficient curing and drying processes, and more. Perhaps the greatest advantage of all is that any damage to a powder-coated structure in Houston, TX can be repaired easily and seamlessly on-site.

RAL Powder Coat Colors Conversion From CMYK, RGB, Or HEX Codes


When people hear the words powder coating, they think of an industrial industry where color does not necessarily matter. That could not be more untrue. Bright colors are used on industrial platforms for safety purposes, and there are a large number of industries (such as construction) that utilize a wide range of colors to achieve different architectural styles. Powder coating patio furniture is a great way to improve the durability of your patio furniture or change the color scheme of your outdoor area. 

Houston Powder Coaters offers 130 different colors for customers to choose from, and they can even special-order RAL colors or color match an existing color with your color swatch. When speaking with HPC about color options, you may hear terms such as RAL, CMYK, RGB, or HEX codes. To break it down, these are color matching systems that define colors with specific codes. Every color standard system has its own unique code for all existing colors in its system. Each color matching system corresponds to certain industries. Powder coating systems and plastics use the RAL color system. CMYK stands for the four colors used during the printing process: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (or key, hence the “K”). The CMYK color system is used in print media, such as magazines and books. RGB and HEX codes go hand-in-hand, as RGB is used in digital media. HEX codes are a way of inputting colors into an HTML code to get that visual on the screen. Without accurate conversion of one color system to another, the desired outcome may not be achieved.

Who Powder Coats With Akzonobel Interpon And Resicoat In Texas?


Houston Powder Coaters is proud to have a close relationship with all the major powder manufacturers in North America, including that of AkzoNobel. Between AkzoNobel’s Interpon and Resicoat brands, “Akzo” has become a leader in functional and industrial powder coatings around the world. 

With specific applications for the oilfield, marine, architecture, construction, and consumer goods, AkzoNobel makes both Interpon (a traditional powder coating line) and Resicoat (a fusion bonded epoxy coating). With its low environmental impact due to negligible volatile organic compounds and efficiency resulting is less waste, AkzoNobel Interpon and Resicoat are premium protective coatings that focus on ecological sustainability as well as industrial durability.

So, who powder coats with AkzoNobel Interpon and Resicoat in Texas? Simple. Houston Powder Coaters, one of the biggest custom powder coaters in the south. With 3 oversized ovens, the largest batch oven extending over 65 linear feet, Houston Powder Coaters is set up to coat AkzoNobel’s Interpon and Resicoat product offerings. So, if you are looking for a highly referred and experience powder coater or powder applicator in Texas, then Houston Powder Coaters is your place. Feel free to call or email the experts at Houston Powder Coaters for product/technical data sheet or to get your questions answered on the Interpon or Resicoat powder lines. 

Powder Coating Repair In Houston – Facts & Fiction


When it comes to powder coating repair in Houston, recognize that the word “repair” is a relative term.  Yes, there are ways to repair powder coating.  But no, it’s not by original process that made it so strong.  Powder coating inherently involves large ovens that bake the powder onto the metal’s surface.  Most traditional powder coating powders are described as thermoset, meaning that once cured, their resins are cross-linked and hardened.  This is an irreversible process.  Therefore, any true repair that will integrate the fix into the original powder will have to start from scratch.  For this to happen, the coating would have to be burnt off to start the process all over again.

However, “field”powder coating repair in Houston involves feathering in the damaged area and applying wet primers and acrylic paints to protect the exposed/damaged metal.  Please note that repairing powder coatings in the field is a perfectly acceptable way to touch up weathered powder coated surfaces and protect those surfaces going forward. 

While powder coatings are extremely durable, aggressive transportation, installation, and use can all contribute to scrapes, dings, chips, and abrasions.  These are easy to repair in the field if you follow the following steps: 

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Sling Replacement & Repair


With its lightweight rust-inhibiting materials and ease of maintenance, sling patio furniture is the ideal choice for outdoor chairs, rockers, chaise lounges, and ottomans. Traditionally made with high quality aluminum, these sling pieces are also fitted with top-grade fabrics with built-in UV protection and fade-resistant polyesters. However, with the constant bombardment of heat, humidity, and salt air of south Texas, all materials will eventually wear down. Previous coatings will start to peel, fabrics will become worn and tear, and vibrant colors will fade over time.

Fortunately, Houston Powder Coaters is a one-stop full turn-key operation that offers outdoor patio furniture sling replacement and repair, in addition to the complete recoating of the aluminum. Each piece is individually processed to remove all the previous coating, stripped of any rust or oxidation, and coated with a double application of durable polyester. With over 130 stock colors in-house, matching to a previous set or going with something new could not be easier. Finally, each piece of sling furniture is custom fitted with the highest quality fabrics from the top manufacturers like Phifertex®, Sunbrella®, and Twitchell®.

These breathable and quick-drying fabrics are custom cut, stitched, and tightened for maximum comfort and support. And with several hundred fabrics samples to choose from, the service of outdoor patio furniture sling replacement and repair is a snap. Note that each chair, chaise lounge, and ottoman is tested for strength and durability during the repair and replacement process to ensure the highest level of quality.

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Powder Coating Safety Grating, Bar Grating, Gangways, And Safety Railing


Oil platforms, construction sites, and assembly yards are all subject to moisture, grease, oil, hydraulic fluid, and other slippery materials.  While corrosion protection with powder coating is at the forefront when choosing a protective coating, there are other factors to consider when it comes to the gangways, risers, bar grating, and safety handrails around each location. Environmental conditions, such as rain, snow, and sleet, as well as human activities, such as spills, splashes, and run-off, all create hazards no matter how many systems are in place to minimize slippage.

Powder coating safety grating, bar grating, gangways, and safety railing with an anti-slip / anti-skid textured finish will significantly assist in safety concerns due to its unparalleled adhesive grip. In fact, depending on the hazard concern, different formulation of grit size can easily be manufactured. These slip-resistant finishes follow the same fusion-bonded interlinking properties of traditional powder coating, so they are meant to take a beating and last a long, long time.

Traditionally, these grating structures have been made of galvanized steel, aluminum, and carbon alloys. Why not increase their usefulness and longevity by finishing them with a rust inhibitive anti-slip formula as well. Powder coating safety grating, bar grating, gangways, and safety railing is never a problem as Houston Powder Coaters has extensive experience in most every substrate.

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Structural Steel Corrosion Protection In Houston


Structural steel is a versatile product, and its cost-effectiveness makes it the go-to metal across many industries. Due to its strength and relative lightness, structural steel is consistently used in the construction of buildings, warehouses, hangars, stadiums, and bridges. From elongated beams to large cross-member I-beam supports, structural steel is manufactured in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and gauge strengths. Unfortunately, all structural steel has the same weakness – rust.

In order to provide the best structural steel corrosion protection in Houston, it is important to analyze the exposure and corrosion risk the steel will be subject to. A structural steel bridge over brackish or saltwater bodies of water will face a higher corrosion risk than an internal beam for a residential apartment building. Furthermore, steel fabricated for oilfield equipment will be exposed to corrosive chemical attack and impacts that a commercial awning will not see.

As protective coatings are the first line of defense against corrosion, different industries may require different surface preparation methods, coating systems, and application methods to match the end-use specification. Houston Powder Coaters, in particular, offers several industrial grade coating systems that will protect the steel from intense UV exposure, high impact, or concentrated brine conditions that may assault the coatings. From harsh coastal environments to temperate internal conditions, structural steel corrosion protection in Houston is imperative not only to elongate its functional life, but also to retain its cosmetic appeal.

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Sherwin Williams Valspar Pipeclad® FBE Applications By Houston Powder Coaters


Fusion-bonded epoxies, oftentimes referred to as “FBE”, are a category of functional powder coatings that offer enhanced corrosion protection for underground & subsea pipelines, valves, and fittings. These thermosetting epoxy powders have a long history of improving operational efficiencies by preserving flowlines & production pipe from aggressive environments and chemical attack.

Pipeclad® is one of the leading product lines within this FBE segment. Previously owned by Valspar, but recently acquired by Sherwin Williams (in 2017), the Pipeclad® FBE line goes by many names – Sherwin Williams Pipeclad®, Valspar Pipeclad®, and Sherwin Williams Valspar Pipeclad®. No matter what it is referred to, Pipeclad’s full inventory of protective and marine coating FBE’s can protect the internal and external pipelines from a host of chemical attack, physical abrasion, and temperature fluctuations.

Moreover, Sherwin Williams Valspar Pipeclad® FBE Applications by Houston Powder Coaters provide exceptional corrosion resistance and layers with other Sherwin Williams coatings for the added benefits of superior adhesion and cathodic disbondment resistance. As these coatings work well with different pipe diameters, wall thicknesses, and application conditions, Houston Powder Coaters can coat the internals and externals of DRL, SRL, or pups spools ranging from 1” to 72” ID without an issue. 

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Can You Powder Coat Aluminum? Absolutely!


“Anything metal” is a nice way of describing what can be powder coated. With that being said, we still get the question, “so can you powder coat aluminum?” Absolutely! What people often forget is how much we are surrounded by aluminum structures in our daily lives. Take for example the retail shops and restaurants that we frequent. The stress-bearing load of the building is made of cement, wood, brick, and steel.  However, the non-structural elements that keep out the weather, shield patrons from the sun & rain, and allow from easy handling are often made of aluminum. As seen in the photo, this may include the awnings, handrails, window & door storefront curtain walls, gutters, rain spouts, and even the outdoor dining chairs & tables.

Powder coating aluminum offers a highly protective yet aesthetically pleasing metal finishing for a cost-effective building material. Normal wet paint applications will start to fade within a year as opposed to powder coating which holds its gloss level for upwards of 10 years. Not to mention, with a sound anchor pattern created by abrasive blasting techniques, these top-level coatings with contend with heavy traffic and use. In fact, powder coating aluminum is more durable, more chip-resistant, and much more environmentally friendly than its wet coating counterpart.

AAMA, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, even has a performance standard for the durability and gloss retention of powders up to 10 years. These polyester formulations are suitable for residential and commercial applications as seen on internal and external features. Architects, building owners, and developers should understand what parameters are required for optimal powder performance. If in doubt, please call the experts at Houston Powder Coaters to further explain the processes in its entirety.

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FBE Applicator Houston Powder Coaters & Ifs Erss 62900 Multi-Purpose Red-61 Fusion Bonded Epoxy


In addition to offering good physical and chemical resistance and protection for underground and subsea pipeline service, certain Fusion Bonded Epoxies (FBE), like IFS ERSS 62900 Multi-Purpose Red-61, are also NSF/ANSI 61 Certified. That means that this extremely durable internal coating can also be used for pipe carrying potable/drinking water.

In case you weren’t already aware, NSF International, formerly known as the National Sanitation Foundation, is an independent non-government accredited organization. Although it plays a part in food safety, NSF is usually associated with the standards regarding direct and indirect drinking water additives. Likewise, ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, is a private, non-governmental organization that oversees consensus standards in the United States. 

Both agencies are intertwined so much so that NSF certifications are frequently labeled as NSF/ANSI. As a result, the NSF/ANSI 61 “Drinking Water System” Standard covers the material safety of pipe and pipe related products to ensure that contaminants are not leaching into drinking/potable water.

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Anti-Microbial Powder Coatings In Houston – Another Layer Of Protection


High performance protection in the world of powder coating is normally associated with engineered formulations that repel caustic environmental conditions. However, it can also simply relate to the incorporation of silver ions into the powder to inhibit the growth and spread of mildew and microbes.

The term “anti-microbial” has everyday connotations related to cleaning agents like Clorox or Lysol. After all, this billion-dollar industry has been successful in having us wipe down our counters on a daily basis. However, what if the surface itself was actively disinfecting itself.  Instead of using a sanitizing alcohol wipe, the surface itself was self-cleaning. Anti-microbial powder coatings use the environmentally responsible naturally occurring element of silver (which has been shown to offer protection against microbes without toxic reactions to humans and animals).

In the healthcare industry, anti-microbial powder coatings are crucial to the health and wellness of a facility and its patients. Medical trolleys and equipment, hospital beds, door push plates, handicap rails, and stair railings can all be powder coated to prevent the spread of hospital infections such as MRSA and E. Coli. With anti-microbial powder coatings, the growth of infectious microbes is inhibited and not allowed to spread. In fact, several of these anti-microbial powder coatings pass ISO22196 and JIS Z 2801 testing standards for efficacy.

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Brown Jordan, Woodard, Tropitone, Winston, Homecrest – Patio Furniture Repair And Refinishing


So you bought a high-quality outdoor furniture set years ago, and it’s now looking a bit weathered.  A couple of the slings are worn and sagging. One of swivel chairs isn’t turning so well. And the paint is now coming off in flakes. Do you toss it to the curb and buy new?  ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

Whether you have Brown Jordan, Woodard, Tropitone, Winston, or Homecrest Patio Furniture, Houston Powder Coaters (HPC) can refurbish and refinish your outdoor patio furniture in Houston, TX to make it look brand new.  In fact, Houston Powder Coaters is very experienced with and an accredited warranty repair center for many high-end brands:

OW Lee, Suncoast, Mallin, Oxford Garden, Telescope Casual, Oakland Living, Agio, Hanover Outdoor, Meadowcraft, Summer Classics, Brown Jordan, Woodard, Tropitone, Homecrest, Winston, Alfresco Home, Hampton Bay, Style Selections, Sunjoy, Foremost Casual, Leisure Made, Allen & Roth, Darlee Outdoor Living, Carter Grandle, and Hanamint to name a few.

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Powder Coating In Houston – River Oaks, West University Place, Memorial, Sugar Land, & Beyond


The process of powder coating for industrial, commercial, and even household uses underwent many changes after its inception in the 1940s and 1950s.  Initially, organic polymers or macromolecules were flame sprayed. This process uses high heat to transform the macromolecules into a semi-molten state as it is sprayed directly onto the substrate’s surface. In the 1960s and 1970s, a desire for environmentally friendly coating processes and new application techniques renewed interest in powder coating that resulted in massive growth for the industry. The lack of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the powder coating industry offers a level of environmental and worker safety unseen in liquid coatings. 

Houston is a unique city in that it is home to a myriad of industries that rely on powder coating: petroleum & natural gas, manufacturing, construction, to name a few. However, due to the booming population of Houston and the surrounding areas like River Oaks, West University Place, Memorial, and Sugar Land, powder coating shops need to be diverse enough to cater to these large industrial segments as well as to individuals for smaller one-off projects, like patio furniture and driveway gates.

This wide spectrum of services is accomplished by offering an all-inclusive, full turnkey operation that will make the ‘whole powder coating process’ easier and less expensive (as all the work will be done in-house). Offering “extra services” like media blasting, welding repair, custom packaging, as well as the recovering and re-slinging of patio chairs, ottomans, benches, and chaise lounges allows for a single company to manage the entire process from start to finish. This translates to a much higher level of accountability through internal production reports and daily process updates. With multiple large over-sized ovens, in-house media blasting, and close relationships with over a dozen powder manufacturers in North America, Houston Powder Coaters has developed a process that avoids hiccups and ensures quick and reliable service. In fact, Houston Powder Coaters offers pick-up and delivery of residential powder coating in Houston and the surrounding areas like River Oaks, West University Place, Memorial, and Sugar Land.  Now, that is what you call full turnkey.

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Abrasive Blasting In Houston – Media Blasting Versus Sand Blasting


Sand blasting is a general term used by those inexperienced with surface preparation to encompass all methods of blast cleaning.  However, the more appropriate phrase should be ‘abrasive media blasting’ as not all methods use sand. In fact, sand is one of the worst medias to blast with and is dangerous to the health of those who use it. During the blasting process, the speed and intensity of the sand’s impact on the metal will cause its particles to break down into a fine silica dust which can infiltrate workers’ lungs (causing health problems such as silicosis and kidney damage). 

Houston Powder Coaters uses steel grit for its abrasive media blasting in Houston, as it does not break down the way other blast media does. Blasting with steel grit is much safer for the environment and the workers that use it. In fact, steel grit is the safest method of abrasive blasting when compared to sand, coal slag, or nickel slag. It is important to mention again that Houston Powder Coaters does not, will not, and has never used sand for any of its blast medias.

Documented in hundreds of articles, powder coating is well known for its environmental friendliness. As steel grit’s reusability means less waste and higher levels of recyclability, this blasting media coincides nicely with the ecological responsibility that the rest of the powder application process employs. While steel grit may cost more upfront than other methods of abrasive media blasting in Houston, TX, the true cost is far less than sand or slag. Sand and slag are single-use medias and must be continually replaced. This translates to additional trucking delivery and removal as well as increased man-hours moving new inventories into place. On the other hand, steel grit can be recycled, filtered, and reused time and time again. Steel grit purchases are significantly less often which eliminates the constant replacement of inventories.

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The History Of Powder Coating: Houston


Powder coating has become a huge industry in the few decades since its inception. Used by oil and gas companies, commercial real estate, city sewage systems, and private residents, the needs for powder coating in Houston are vast. Powder coating was invented as a solution to the many problems the liquid finishing industry encountered. From the wet coatings not lasting long enough, harmful release of volatile organic compounds from the liquid solvents, and the high costs of safety and pollution control, liquid coatings have become more problematic in today’s society.

European companies in the 1940s were under pressure to find more environmentally friendly alternatives to liquid finishes, as utilizing flame spraying to melt the coatings onto the metal was immensely dangerous. It was in the 1940s that Dr. Erwin Gemmer came up with a method to fluidize the bed application for thermostatic resins on metal as an alternative to the flame spraying method. This “new” method of powder coating could be applied to new or used parts that were properly cleaned, coated, and then put in a powder coating oven for 2-4 hours. The next 4 decades saw many improvements to Dr. Gemmer’s method and by the 1980’s powder coating in Houston exploded as it was environmentally friendly, produced little waste, and was cost efficient. These days, powder coated items can be cured in as little as 10 minutes (depending on the thickness of the metal), making powder coating pipes, furniture, and other items more efficient than ever.

As stated in many articles before, Houston Powder Coaters abrasively blasts a significant amount of its projects due to its deepest anchor-profiling results. This type of “surface preparation” in addition to the fusion- bonded (heat) interlacing properties of the powder produces the highest-level adhesion. This means that the powder coating in Houston has achieved the highest level of durability with the smallest environmental footprint.

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