Industries That Benefit From Powder Coating In Houston: Part Two


Architecture/Building Powder Coating

The architecture and building industries use powder coating in many different ways. When it comes commercial buildings, whether they be skyscrapers, smaller buildings, or large warehouses, many aspects of the structure can benefit from powder coating in Houston. Door and window facades benefit from powder coating because of their constant exposure to the elements. Other architectural elements that can be powder coated are metal facades, stair railings, metal fencing, soffit and fascia, light poles, and more. 

Oil & Gas Industry Powder Coating

The oil and gas industry uses powder coating in Houston for all kinds of things. Most notable is powder coating the interior and exterior of pipes for pipelines to protect the integrity of the materials. Oil and gas pipelines can carry corrosive chemicals, so they require great protection against corrosive and abrasive elements, and fusion bonded epoxy coatings in Houston do just that. The powder coating industry in Houston also works with oil and gas companies to protect certain elements of their refineries, storage tanks, and field equipment.

Powder coating has taken over global industries because of its versatility, environmental friendliness, durability, and more. Not a day goes by where you do not see at least one item that has a powder-coated element. That bright red tool chest in your garage? Powder coated. The transformers on your neighborhood power lines? Powder coated. Exercise equipment, mailboxes, sports equipment, park play areas? Powder coated. They all benefit from the durability of powder coating in Houston.

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