Industries That Benefit From Powder Coating In Houston: Part One


There are many industries across the world that benefit from powder coating.  The architecture/building industry, oil and gas industry, appliance and automotive industries, etc., all make use of powder coating for their products and services in one way or another. 

Appliance Powder Coating

Appliances benefit from powder coating because many household appliances deal with moisture or potentially corrosive chemicals on a daily basis.  Refrigerators can be powder coated on the front panels and side panels, which is great because they can become grimy from dirty fingers and need regular cleaning to remain shiny and new.  Without proper coatings, regular cleaning and usage of a refrigerator can have it looking old and worn before its time.  Dishwasher racks are also frequently powder coated to withstand the corrosive detergents and high temperature water required to clean and sanitize dishes.  Water heaters, washer and dryer exteriors, and air conditioner cabinets are also frequently powder coated to protect them and ensure long usage.

Automotive Industry Powder Coating

There are many aspects of the automotive industry that benefit from powder coating.  There is even a new clear top powder coat for the exterior of vehicles, and door handles, bumpers, wheel rims, etc. have been utilizing powder coating in Houston for a long time. Vehicles are subject to the environment on a daily basis, as well as gasoline, oil, and other chemicals regularly. They are also not inexpensive and need to last for years if not a decade or more without falling apart and rusting, and powder coating provides great protection.

Everyday Products and Powder Coating

Many items people use every day are protected with powder coating in Houston. Things such as golf clubs, fitness equipment, agricultural equipment like tractors, and outdoor patio furniture all have powder coated pieces and parts. 

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