Fusion Bonded Epoxy Vs. Powder Coatings: What’s The Difference?


Fusion bonded epoxy in Houston is a type of powder coating that is classified as a protective coating. It is applied by applying the coating to an already cleaned and preheated to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit surface. As the epoxy powder is applied, it melts and fuses to the surface, creating a protective barrier. Because fusion bonded epoxy (FBE for short) is a thermoset coating, it cannot go back to its original form and further heating of the FBE coated surface will not allow the FBE to melt. This is great for industries where FBE is needed to protect the surface from corrosive materials and elements such as water, chemicals, heat, UV rays, and more.  FBE is different from other powder coatings in that it is used mainly in industries such as the oil and gas industry and the space industry.  In oil and gas, FBE in Houston is used to coat the interior and exterior of pipelines to ensure maximum protection from the corrosive materials the pipeline is exposed to. 

While traditional powder coating can be used for a myriad of things, FBE is best suited to heavy industry, as it is not necessary or suitable for everything.  Depending on the usage of what you need powder coated, traditional powder coating methods can do their job efficiently.  Unlike FBE, traditional powder coating relies on spraying the powder onto an electrostatically-charged surface, then baking the powder onto the surface in large batch ovens.  Metal patio furniture, public space items such as park benches, bike racks, etc, as well as the appliance industry all benefit from traditional powder coating in Houston.

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