New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 1

New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 1

In 2022, the powder coating industry is said to have raked in 14.7 billion dollars across the globe and by 2032 it is expected to hit a market size of 25.4 billion dollars. The industry is not slowing down, and there are many new aspects to powder coating in Houston that will give the market every advantage over other coating methods. But is it sustainable? The definition of sustainability is the ability of a market to meet current demands without sacrificing availability for future needs. The powder coating industry in Houston has always boasted a higher measure of sustainability than other coating industries. The durability of powder coating in combination with the recyclability of powders and abrasive medias make the powder coating industry in Houston a sustainable one. However, new developments in the powder coating industry stand to make it even more sustainable for the future.

Plant-based is a buzzword many industries have been using lately to promote more sustainable goods. Recently Sherwin Williams has unveiled its new Powdura® ECO Hybrid Coatings line which uses 25% pre-consumer recycled plastic. The company Allnex has also developed a powder coating line that uses 25% pre-consumer recycled plastic, as well as a line that uses plant-based polyester resins.  According to the industry, one pound of the recycled product powders contain on average the equivalent of 10 water bottles worth of consumer plastics. 

The powder coating supply industry has been looking for durable powders that are able to be cured at a lower temperature than previous powders. This reduces a company’s carbon footprint as well as its energy costs. In recent years, companies have been shifting to a more sustainable cure time and temperatures of 10 to 15 minutes at 150 to 160 degrees Celsius for a majority of powder coatings. Not only do these powder coatings save companies money on energy expenses, but a quicker turn around allows for higher production numbers. 

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