Powder Coat Colors – A Rainbow Of Possibilities


When it comes to choosing the right color for a coating job, it should be no surprise that there are thousands of choices. As with traditional wet paint applications, virtually any powder coat colors can be formulated to match any current sample or order. There really is a rainbow of color possibilities.

However, before we get too far down this road, it is important to note that when powder coating in Houston, it is imperative to understand what the final application is for. Is the piece going to be exposed to extreme heat, high humidity, or other environmental hazards? Will the assembly incur high stress levels or corrosive agents? Is the metal going to be expected to take excess impacts or bends? These questions help determine the type of base polymer that should be used in color formulation.

From here, colors, textures, glosses, and effects can be decided. You read it right; there is a large selection of options besides just powder coat colors. Antiques, textures, jollipops, wrinkles, crinkles, clear coats are all options to create the final appearance that you are looking for.  Add these to the thousands of RAL powder coat colors and you have a humongous spectrum of color.

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Patio Furniture Refinishing: Revive That Relic


For multiple reasons, patio furniture refinishing is an entirely different beast from refinishing indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture receives the worst that Mother Nature has to offer: sun, rain, hail, snow, and humidity, especially if you’re in Houston. Refinishing a furniture piece yourself can be a fun and interesting DIY project, but there are times when it’s just not worth it; it could be due to extensive damage of the piece or the amount of time and effort required to perform the job in a non-professional setting. In these cases, it’s better to work with a professional outdoor furniture refinishing company that is capable of restoring your furniture to its former glory.

Companies that offer patio furniture refinishing services should have a detailed restoration process that they are capable of explaining to the customer; this shows that they understand the process from top to bottom, and is a good indicator of experience and expertise in the process. A professional outdoor furniture refinishing company should perform the necessary preparations, including the removal of previous coatings to clear the surface of contaminants as well as to prepare it for the new coating to be applied.

Once the surface preparations are complete, the actual refinishing process can begin. An experienced and patio furniture refinishing company will understand the value of multiple coats, thoroughly coating the entire piece, to ensure that it’s fully protected from the elements. Processes like powder coating involve moving the piece back and forth between coating areas and curing ovens to ensure a uniform flow of the coating material, which ultimately results in a more equal and level finished coat. Quality control is also an important part of the process. An experienced outdoor furniture refinishing company, like Houston Powder Coaters, will ensure that each step of the process is monitored to provide the highest quality product.

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The Benefits Of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating


In any heavy industry, and especially in the oil and gas industry so familiar to residents of Houston, there is a strong demand for coating technology that protects pipelines from both internal and external degrading factors such as corrosion, chemical breakdown, and physical abrasion. Fusion bonded epoxy coatings, also known as FBE coating, have been a popular choice for this application since their introduction in the 1960s.

What is fusion bonded epoxy coating?

FBE coating is a type of powder coating consisting of a resin and a hardener which, when heated at high temperatures, causes the material to melt into liquid form and flow to cover a substrate to be protected. Once the surface is covered, the piece is allowed to cool, which sets the coating into a solid form. The process of curing and then cooling the powder coating is called fusion bonding. Fusion bonded epoxy coating is different from conventional paint coatings in that it takes advantage of a process called cross-linking in which polymer chains are linked together; this results in a stronger and more resistant coating.

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The Importance Of Corrosion Resistant Industrial Coatings


The industrial coating used to protect the pipes we use every day is not something that most people think about with any frequency. After all, most of us are too busy working and taking care of our loved ones to sit around and have deep thoughts about the pipes that deliver the fuel which powers our vehicles, bring clean water into our homes, and remove dangerous waste and sanitation. However, it’s clear that these are all aspects of modern living that society heavily depends on. Without pipelines moving fluids, many modern conveniences would be impossible, and therefore the protection of these conduits is not to be overlooked. Although many people are aware, few are familiar with the processes and materials used to protect the pipes that make their modern lives possible, such as corrosion resistant industrial coatings.

Among the various types of industrial coatings Houston, corrosion resistant coatings are some of the most common yet crucial. For the ever-important oil and gas industry here in Texas and the rest of the country, treating pipeline to be resistant to corrosion is a fact of life. According to the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, the cost of corrosion in petroleum refining is $3.7 billion in the U.S. annually—that’s a lot of money lost down the pipes due to mostly preventable chemical processes. The chemicals flowing through pipeline, as well as the high flow rate and volume of fluid, contributes to heavy corrosion across the industry. Recent increases in shale gas production have also offered new challenges in protecting pipeline.

There are multiple methods of corrosion prevention used in industrial applications, though its usage varies by the setting, environment, and type of material to be protected. Cathodic protection, commonly used in both onshore and offshore drilling operations, is one method of corrosion prevention which utilizes electromagnetism and chemistry to protect pipe. Corrosion inhibitors are also frequently used in the industry; these chemicals coat the surface of the pipe to form a protective film which then reacts with the corrosion-causing chemicals and interrupt the process. Among industrial coatings Houston, fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) has made significant gains in popularity. FBE is a powder-based coating which uses high temperatures to form interlocking chemical protection that is highly effective in protecting pipe and has seen increasingly widespread adoption as a protection method.

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What Are Corvel® ECA-1660 And Corvel® EP-10 (Internal Pipe Coatings)?


Within the many technological advances that have been brought on by the oil and gas industry, industrial coatings and their related processes are unsung heroes. The transportation of hydrocarbons through pipes is an integral and necessary mean of delivering the energy that fuels our nation, and the importance of protective coatings on and in these pipes cannot be overstated. Fusion bonded epoxy coatings have grown in popularity as an effective protectant against corrosion and other destructive forces since their introduction in the 1960s.  Two popular products that are frequently used in the interior coating of these oilfield pipes are Resicoat® Corvel 1-6051 Green (HKH12QF) fusion bonded epoxy and Resicoat® 596301 primer.  These coatings are also commonly known and referred to as Corvel® ECA-1660 and Corvel® EP-10.

With regards to fusion bonded epoxy coatings, a substrate is protected from destructive forces by the application of special melt-mixed solid polymers that are more advanced and protective than typical paint. The epoxy is a dry powder which is applied electrostatically to a substrate’s surface (such as the internals of steel pipes that will be transporting hydrocarbons). At normal temperatures, the powder remains in dry form.  But once applied to a preheated pipe, the powder “flows” to a liquid form, thereby cross-linking with the metal and the resin primer. This pattern creates a durable and longer-lasting protective barrier compared to other industrial coatings.

CorvelCorvel® ECA-1660, originally manufactured by Rohm and Haas and now currently owned by Akzo Nobel, is one such fusion bonded epoxy coating. This product is a melt-mixed epoxy thermoset coating (meaning that once it’s cured, it remains in that state forever) which is rated for use in elevated temperatures and pressures. Given that higher temperatures and pressures are common in the piping environments of the oil and gas industry, this product sees wide use across multiple disciplines.  Corvel® ECA-1660 is designed to be used in tandem with Corvel® EP-10, a liquid coating primer. The combination of the Corvel® EP-10® EP-10 primer and Corvel® ECA-1660 offers great uniformed adhesion of the epoxy to the surface as well as increased resistance to H2S, CO2, CH4, and other petroleum distillates.  As such, this 2-part system is regularly used to coat drill pipe, production tubing, and associated fittings.

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Restoration And Repair


The warm summer months have arrived—or, if you’re in Houston, you may have already been experiencing summer weather for weeks now. In the days ahead, many of us will spend time outside with family and friends. Whether that time includes a dip in the swimming pool or just conversations on the deck, outdoor patio furniture is used in many outdoor gatherings in Houston. These pieces can provide a convenient place to relax and can also add decorative flavor to an outdoor space.

Of course, outdoor patio furniture is also constantly exposed to the elements, which can damage the finish over time. The climate in Houston can be especially unforgiving—the humidity and sun damage can leave patio furniture in desperate need of attention, whether it’s a family piece handed down through the generations or a newer one purchased at the specialty patio store. Outdoor patio furniture restoration in Houston can alleviate the damaging effects of the weather, and keep furniture looking new and inviting.

Though powder coating in Houston is prominently used in industrial and commercial settings, the processes and techniques also provide for superior coating protection in a job as small as the refinishing of deck chairs. The powder coating process utilizes strict surface preparation standards in which industrial equipment is used to remove rust and dirt from the piece, as well as any previous coatings such as paint. These surface preparation techniques, including abrasive blasting, burn-off, or hand-etching, produce a cleaner surface than any DIY job could ever attain. Anchor profiles are also created through these processes, which provides for better adherence when the powder coating is applied.

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Architectural Powder Coating In Texas


Powder coating in Houston isn’t just important for the protection of pipelines in the oil and gas industry—it has applications in many other industries. In the economic powerhouse of Houston, powder coating is also used in residential and commercial construction. From the fencing and awnings that protect our homes to the railings, banisters, gates, and light poles that provide accessibility to commercial spaces, powder coating protects a variety of surfaces in Houston’s hot and humid climate.

The advanced electrostatic application process used in powder coating provides an especially resilient and durable surface, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Powder coat colors are readily available in a wide variety of on-hand stock, and if stock colors don’t provide an exact match, coat colors can also be specially formulated to match a specific need.

The powder coating in Houston process adheres to strict preparation and quality standards no matter the surface or application. Architectural finishes, like those that would commonly be used in residential or commercial spaces, must follow the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards. The AAMA provides offers three specifications for the performance that a coating is expected to achieve:

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Benefits Of Powder Coating Gates, Fence Panels, And Banisters


Bare metal components on the exterior of a home are going to rust – there are no two ways about it. Exposure to oxygen, humidity, and rain will begin the corrosion process, which will only get worse as time wears on. Sunlight (and its harsh UV rays) also breaks down traditional coatings and allows fluctuating seasonal temperatures to weaken joints and attack critical areas. These environmental elements seem to be constantly conspiring to ruin metal structures on the exterior of a home. Thus, protective coatings are a must for your outdoor gates, fence panels, and banisters. Protective (functional) coatings will also reduce maintenance costs over time and increase the value of your home.

The most basic type of coating—the simple paint job—provides some protection but leaves a lot to be desired. Average consumer-grade paint, when applied by a non-professional, is susceptible to uneven finishes, chipping, and cracking that can quickly jumpstart the corrosion process. Furthermore, a couple coats of paint will not build up enough “mils” to protect these pieces over time. Even a commercial grade paint will lose its gloss level over a year or two due to its lack of clearcoat resins.

Powder coating gates, fence panels, and banisters has increased in popularity over the years due to its higher level of protection and elegant look. Compared to traditional wet paint applications, the benefits of powder coating gates, fence panels, and banisters are exponentially greater.

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Unveiling the Future of Powder Coating: Houston Powder Coaters Launches New Website

Houston Powder Coaters New Website &  Resource Houston Powder Coaters

We are thrilled to announce the exciting launch of our brand-new website at Houston Powder Coaters! Designed with a commitment to education and innovation, our website aims to be a comprehensive resource for anyone eager to delve into the world of powder coating.

At Houston Powder Coaters, we believe that knowledge empowers and innovation propels industries forward. That's why we've crafted a website that goes beyond being a mere digital presence—it's a hub of information, a learning center, and a celebration of the transformative power of powder coating.

Why Powder Coating? Powder coating has emerged as a leading finishing technique for various industries, offering durability, versatility, and environmental benefits. Our new website serves as a gateway for individuals and businesses to explore the myriad advantages of powder coating. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious enthusiast, you'll find valuable insights into the benefits, techniques, and technology behind this revolutionary process.

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Polyester Powder Coatings – TGIC, TGIC-Free, HAA, & Primid Explained


Polyester powder coating technology has been around since the 1970s and accounts for 30-45 percent of powder coating product sales globally. There are two main categories of polyester powder coatings used in the industry today: TGIC (an acronym for the chemical compound curing agent it uses, triglycidyl isocyanurate), and HAA. HAA polyester powder coating uses β-hydroxyalkyl amides as its curing agent and is often called TGIC-free or Primid polyester powder coating after the brand of curative used in most HAA powder coatings. While both categories of polyester powder coatings perform relatively similarly, there are some pros and cons that can tilt a company toward one or the other. 

TGIC coatings typically offer better chemical resistance and corrosion resistance than their TGIC-free counterpart. The HAA curing mechanism can release water, which makes the coating slightly more water soluble than TGIC-polyester. Because of its slight water-solubility, HAA coatings are more susceptible to acidic and alkaline chemicals. All of this makes HAA-polyester less corrosion resistant than TGIC-polyester.  However, with different formulations, a Primid polyester coating can perform on par with TGIC. When it comes to impact and abrasion resistance, flexibility, and hardness, TGIC and TGIC-free polyester powder coatings are the same. 

For application and curing, TGIC-polyester cures at a lower temperature than HAA-polyester (roughly 290 degrees Fahrenheit and 330 degrees Fahrenheit respectively). Many companies find HAA-polyester applies more easily and sticks to nooks and crannies better than TGIC-polyester. Thickness of application varies greatly between the two, with TGIC-polyester coating able to reach about 10 mils (250 microns) thickness and HAA-polyester coating reaching 3.5 – 4.0 mils (90-100 microns) thickness. When it comes to color stability, TGIC-polyester comes out ahead. HAA-polyester can yellow in color in overbake conditions, while TGIC-polyester has very little color drift over a wide range of cure times and temperatures. 

Environmentally Friendly Coatings (Eco-Friendly Coatings)


Negligible VOCs

When it comes to environmentally friendly coatings, powder coating is at the top of the list.  The largest difference between powder and industrial wet paint is the presence of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs for short).  VOCs, like one found in wet paint applications, are harmful to the environment as they dry and as they age.  Furthermore, they can create health problems for people who are exposed to them on a repetitive basis. Eco-friendly coatings such as powder and FBE coatings do not require an extensive exhaust system to the outdoors like their wet paint counterparts and are generally considered non-toxic and breathable. The application of powder coatings produces negligible VOCs and does not contribute to air pollution.

Less Hazardous Waste

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Refinishing In Houston: Experience Matters


Whether it’s an antique piece that has been in the family for decades or a recent purchase that has fallen victim to some less-than-ideal climate conditions, outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston becomes necessary when an important or cherished furniture piece loses that special shine. Harsh climates with heavy rains, unrelenting heat, and salty Gulf Coast air can significantly lessen the life of a piece of outdoor furniture. High-humidity areas are also hard on a furniture piece’s protective coatings. It’s no surprise then that outdoor patio furniture in Houston can take a beating. Refinishing the protective coating on the piece is a good way to extend its life and to ensure it stays in the family for years.

Outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston can certainly be attempted as a DIY project. But if a piece has fond memories and its own history attached, it’s usually a better option to choose a professional refinishing service. The price point of a DIY project might be more attractive, but ask yourself if it’s worth the time, effort, and potential poor quality of handling the job yourself. It would be a shame to lose a family heirloom to poor workmanship.

For several reasons, a professional powder coating shop in Houston is much more equipped to handle this potentially delicate job. First, DIYers simply can’t compete with the attention to surface preparation standards and methods that a professional shop offers. These industry experts have the knowledge and tools to use the appropriate burn-off, abrasive blast, or hand-etching techniques to­ prepare the surface to a cleanliness standard that can’t be approached by a DIYer. The process of abrasive blasting with industrial equipment also produces by-product that is simply not feasible for the DIYer to manage. A professional powder coating shop can ensure that the surface is as clean as possible prior to the application of the new finish. This is important since an unclean surface could lead to irregularities that result in a less effective and less attractive finish.

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