New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 1

New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 1

In 2022, the powder coating industry is said to have raked in 14.7 billion dollars across the globe and by 2032 it is expected to hit a market size of 25.4 billion dollars. The industry is not slowing down, and there are many new aspects to powder coating in Houston that will give the market every advantage over other coating methods. But is it sustainable? The definition of sustainability is the ability of a market to meet current demands without sacrificing availability for future needs. The powder coating industry in Houston has always boasted a higher measure of sustainability than other coating industries. The durability of powder coating in combination with the recyclability of powders and abrasive medias make the powder coating industry in Houston a sustainable one. However, new developments in the powder coating industry stand to make it even more sustainable for the future.

Plant-based is a buzzword many industries have been using lately to promote more sustainable goods. Recently Sherwin Williams has unveiled its new Powdura® ECO Hybrid Coatings line which uses 25% pre-consumer recycled plastic. The company Allnex has also developed a powder coating line that uses 25% pre-consumer recycled plastic, as well as a line that uses plant-based polyester resins.  According to the industry, one pound of the recycled product powders contain on average the equivalent of 10 water bottles worth of consumer plastics. 

The powder coating supply industry has been looking for durable powders that are able to be cured at a lower temperature than previous powders. This reduces a company’s carbon footprint as well as its energy costs. In recent years, companies have been shifting to a more sustainable cure time and temperatures of 10 to 15 minutes at 150 to 160 degrees Celsius for a majority of powder coatings. Not only do these powder coatings save companies money on energy expenses, but a quicker turn around allows for higher production numbers. 

New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 2

New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 2

Along with the venture into plant-based (also known as bio-based) and low temperature curable powders, the powder coating industry in Houston is taking other strides into the sustainability and economic impact of their industry.

Hyper-durability is easily the most effective way to impact the sustainability of an industry. Having to do frequent recoats is labor-intensive, cost-ineffective, and unsustainable. Product failure due to ineffective coatings is antithetical to the sustainability movement. A hyper-durable coating ensures that products need to be coated less frequently, and the products themselves last longer as well. Powder coatings are graded on their corrosion resistance and their UV resistance to measure their overall durability. Different durability ratings determine what industry powder coatings can be used for and what environment they perform best in. UV intensive areas such as Houston would do better focusing on powders with higher durability ratings according to the AAMA (American Architectures Manufacture Association). 

Interest in anti-microbial coatings has surged over the past few years as well (for obvious reasons). Powder coating distributor Keyland Polymer has developed an anti-microbial powder that is UV curable. This new powder can be completely cured within minutes at 100-125 degrees Celsius. Keyland Polymer’s entire UV line now has the added benefit of being antimicrobial, called UVMax Defender. Using a silver ion technology, UVMax Defender reduced the reproduction of bacteria like E. Coli and Staphylococcus by 99.99 percent. This would be hugely beneficial for hospitals and other medical facilities, long-term care facilities, grocery stores, food prep areas, and public restrooms.  Whatever your powder coating needs are, Houston Powder Coaters is sure to leave you satisfied.

Non-slip Powder Coatings for Power Plants in Houston

Non-slip Powder Coatings for Power Plants in Houston

Non-slip powder coating is a type of industrial powder coating that can be applied to virtually any surface to provide a textured grip. It's commonly used in industrial settings, but it also has many other applications.

The process involves spraying the material onto the object being coated and then curing the product at the right temperature, creating a highly textured finish that provides better traction than smooth surfaces without affecting the look or feel of whatever you're coating.

Non-slip powder coatings for power plants have many benefits. The most obvious benefit is that it reduces the risk of slips and falls, which can lead to serious injuries or even death. This is especially important in areas where there are high volumes of traffic, such as at entrances and exits or near walkways. The increased safety means that your employees will be able to work more efficiently without worrying about hurting themselves while they're doing their jobs.

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Beating the Heat with Powder Coating in Houston

Beating the Heat with Powder Coating in Houston

Houston, Texas is known for its hot and humid summers. With temperatures regularly reaching over 90°F and heat indexes regularly reaching 100 degrees some days, it can be challenging to stay cool and comfortable. However, there is a solution that can help beat the heat – powder coating.

Powder coating is a process that involves applying a dry powder to a surface and then heating it to create a durable and protective coating. This coating is known for its ability to resist heat, making it an excellent choice for infrastructure in Houston.

One of the main benefits of powder coating is its ability to reflect heat. When sunlight hits a powder-coated surface, the heat is reflected rather than absorbed. This means that the surface stays cooler, which can help reduce the overall temperature in the surrounding area.  Park benches and playground equipment are in danger of becoming hot enough to burn residents during the hot summers, but because of powder coating’s ability to reflect rather than absorb heat, parks and playgrounds can be enjoyed more thoroughly. Renewing old metal patio furniture with powder coating is also a viable option, and Houston Powder Coaters can even redo straps, slings, and fabric accessories to be a one stop shop for refinishing your outdoor patio furniture.

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Powder Coating For Extreme Weather In Houston


Houston is subject to all manner of weather conditions. Heavy rains and floods, ice storms, extreme heat, and more can all wreak havoc on things that are exposed to the outdoors consistently. Powder coating Houston’s large-scale outdoor installations such as traffic lights, parking meters, park benches and more is a significant expense, but it can lead to significant cost-savings over time. Different climates will require different powder coating finishes and choosing a powder coating finish in Houston that has been tested in other regions may not provide the long-lasting, durable finish the client desires. A tried-and-true powder coating job from an experienced powder coating shop in Houston will lend you the best results, as they are experienced in choosing the appropriate finishes for their customer base. 

When it comes to discussing budget and financials with a customer, it is important to explain that even if up-front costs are higher, that doesn’t mean the finished product will be more expensive over the life of the object. A cheaper, less appropriate powder coating job in Houston can and will cost more money over the life of the product, despite a lower up-front cost. Repairing infrastructure can disrupt the daily flow of life in an area, so investing in long-lasting, durable products for your city prevents needless interruptions to traffic flow, park attendance, and more. Public infrastructure is subjected to heavy use, damaging environmental factors, etc. and preventing premature damage by spending more up-front protects residents and their families.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy For Water Pipeline Infrastructure


Fusion bonded epoxy (FBE for short) and abrasion resistant overcoat (ARO for short) are well known in Houston for their uses in the oil and gas industry. Where they are not well known, however, is in the municipal water industry, such as pipes used to bring drinking water into our homes and sewage pipes and at water treatment plants. The municipal water industry is due for a big upgrade in the next few years. Using fusion bonded epoxy and abrasion resistant overcoats to protect pipes from corrosion will ensure the longevity of the pipes and the health and safety of the region’s residents. Water pipelines can be lined with cement after FBE/ARO applications.

FBE became commercially available in the 1960s, and in the decades since has become a true competitor in the industry for coatings to protect steel pipes and more for the oil and gas industry. It offers great corrosion protection and is environmentally friendly as it involves no solvents. This lack of solvents makes FBE in Houston the perfect option for the municipal water industry. When it comes to drinking water, you have to be careful that the pipes will not leech anything into the water that is hazardous to the health of residents. Typically, pipes are lined with cement mortar and spun at a high rate of speed to compact the mortar to the interior of the pipes. FBE, in combination with ARO coatings, exceeds many standards and requirements for potable water, and the corrosion protection is second to none.

Weather-Resistant Powder Coatings In Houston


Powder coating provides great protection and durability for many items subject to the elements. To get the best out of weather-resistant powder coatings in Houston, there are certain steps that should be taken to provide optimal protection, especially if refinishing an item that already has a powder coating. 

The first step is to prepare the surface to accept the powder coat. This can be done by media blasting. Media blasting in Houston is the process of using small granules (can be sand, crushed walnut shells, etc.) blown at high speed against an object to remove debris like old paint or rust. This step, where necessary, is vital to the life of the powder coat.

The next step is the actual powder coating application. A primer or rust deterrent can be applied to the surface before the actual powder coat to serve as a foundation. Zinc-rich primers can be used to prevent the formation of rust in humid or wet environments. The powders used in powder coating stick to the surface of the primed metal through electrostatic charge. 

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Everything There Is To Know About Powder Coating Finishes In Houston


What Is Powder Coating?

Simply put, powder coating in Houston is a method of dry coating an industrial product or element to provide protection against rust and corrosion. The powder coating process is superior to the traditional painting process in that it is more environmentally friendly, more durable, and provides a more professional finish. Powder coating can be used on metal, concrete, plastic, and steel and is highly versatile in both application and quality. Unlike traditional paint, powder coatings contain negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically found in the solvents (the liquid the pigments are suspended in).

What Types Of Powder Coating Are There?

Thermoset and thermoplastic are two types of powder coating. Thermoplastic powder finishes in Houston become soft and melt with the addition of heat. There is no chemical bonding between the metal, plastic, or concrete and the powder. Because of this quality, the powder coating can be recycled and reused. Thermoset powder coatings (such as fusion bonded epoxy) form chemical bonds after it cures, creating a super durable, heat-resistant coating. 

How Durable Is Powder Coating?

Very durable. There is a reason powder coating in Houston is quickly becoming the go-to method for architecture, infrastructure, the oil and gas industry, and even outdoor furniture. Powder coating can protect against corrosion, scratches, extreme temperatures, and more. 

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Choosing The Right Powder Coating Company In Houston


Whether your application is industrial, commercial, architectural, or just a personal piece, you have many business options to choose from when looking for powder coating in Houston. Since its introduction in the 1960s, the process of powder coating has become very popular and common, and there are many businesses that provide these services. However, as with any purchase, there are some quick guidelines you should keep in mind to be sure that you’re working with a quality provider of powder coating in Houston.

First, and possibly most importantly, you should look for a business that adheres to strict QA and QC standards. Powder coating is not a simple process, and an amateur provider will only serve up amateur results. A high-quality powder coating business will have thorough quality assurance and quality control standards, and should outline them for the customer. Any coating job that doesn’t adhere to strict quality standards will invite irregularities in the finished product due to a wide variety of factors, including lack of proper surface preparation and inappropriate coating thickness. Proper QA and QC standards eliminate these irregularities and provide for a smoother finished product.

Second, try to work with a business that offers a wide variety of powder coat colors. Your coating job will likely require a specific color, and matching that requirement is clearly a high priority. A powder coating business that offers a wide variety of stock colors as well as the option of producing special order colors is more capable of matching the exact color specification you need. Additionally, such a business offering powder coating in Houston is more likely to be experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable in providing high-quality service.

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Powder Coat Colors – A Rainbow Of Possibilities


When it comes to choosing the right color for a coating job, it should be no surprise that there are thousands of choices. As with traditional wet paint applications, virtually any powder coat colors can be formulated to match any current sample or order. There really is a rainbow of color possibilities.

However, before we get too far down this road, it is important to note that when powder coating in Houston, it is imperative to understand what the final application is for. Is the piece going to be exposed to extreme heat, high humidity, or other environmental hazards? Will the assembly incur high stress levels or corrosive agents? Is the metal going to be expected to take excess impacts or bends? These questions help determine the type of base polymer that should be used in color formulation.

From here, colors, textures, glosses, and effects can be decided. You read it right; there is a large selection of options besides just powder coat colors. Antiques, textures, jollipops, wrinkles, crinkles, clear coats are all options to create the final appearance that you are looking for.  Add these to the thousands of RAL powder coat colors and you have a humongous spectrum of color.

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What Is Powder Coating?


Powder coating has many uses in industrial, commercial, and residential settings, but what exactly is the process of powder coating? When looking to hire someone to perform powder coating in Houston services, it can be helpful to understand what exactly the process entails, which empowers customers to make the right decision on who they work with.

Although there are many variables that factor into the procedure, powder coating is simply an electrostatic process of applying fine particles of pigment and resin to a metal surface, most commonly through the use of specialized spray gun. Once the pieces are coated, they are placed into oversized ovens to “cure” with high temperatures, which allows the coating to “flow” and produce an even, smooth, and resilient coating. This coating is designed to resist damage from weather, physical impact, and other environmental factors that could damage important metal surfaces. Qualified and experienced shops that perform powder coating in Houston services will understand the process from start to finish, and are willing and able to explain to customers how powder coating can protect against damage unique to the Houston area.

Customers may be wondering why they should take advantage of powder coating in Houston services rather than a traditional wet coating. Since powder coating doesn’t require the use of a solvent, there is no drying time needed and achieving the right coating thickness is much easier with powder coating; additionally, the solvents used in wet coating can be harmful to the environment, which is not a concern in powder coating. Plus, since the coating actually integrates into the metal surface after abrasive blasting, a powder coated surface resists physical impacts and abrasions better than a wet coating.

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Patio Furniture Refinishing: Revive That Relic


For multiple reasons, patio furniture refinishing is an entirely different beast from refinishing indoor furniture. Outdoor furniture receives the worst that Mother Nature has to offer: sun, rain, hail, snow, and humidity, especially if you’re in Houston. Refinishing a furniture piece yourself can be a fun and interesting DIY project, but there are times when it’s just not worth it; it could be due to extensive damage of the piece or the amount of time and effort required to perform the job in a non-professional setting. In these cases, it’s better to work with a professional outdoor furniture refinishing company that is capable of restoring your furniture to its former glory.

Companies that offer patio furniture refinishing services should have a detailed restoration process that they are capable of explaining to the customer; this shows that they understand the process from top to bottom, and is a good indicator of experience and expertise in the process. A professional outdoor furniture refinishing company should perform the necessary preparations, including the removal of previous coatings to clear the surface of contaminants as well as to prepare it for the new coating to be applied.

Once the surface preparations are complete, the actual refinishing process can begin. An experienced and patio furniture refinishing company will understand the value of multiple coats, thoroughly coating the entire piece, to ensure that it’s fully protected from the elements. Processes like powder coating involve moving the piece back and forth between coating areas and curing ovens to ensure a uniform flow of the coating material, which ultimately results in a more equal and level finished coat. Quality control is also an important part of the process. An experienced outdoor furniture refinishing company, like Houston Powder Coaters, will ensure that each step of the process is monitored to provide the highest quality product.

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Non-Skid Powder Coating Finishes For Commercial Buildings In Houston


Commercial buildings in large metropolitan areas such as Houston, TX see an inordinate amount of traffic when compared to smaller cities.  With highly populous areas, buildings are typically built up instead of out. While elevators are the main method of going up and down, staircases are necessary for emergencies such as fires or electrical outages. With heavy traffic possible on staircases, it is imperative that non-skid powder coatings in Houston, TX are used to minimize slips and falls of tenants and visitors. Non-skid powder coatings ensure that the treads of the staircase do not become hazardously slippery during a rainstorm or a spill. These special powder coatings can also be applied to stair railings in commercial stairwells to add to the overall safety of the stairwell. 

Non-skid powder coatings in Houston, TX provide all the benefits of traditional powder coating, such as corrosion resistance and durability, while being environmentally friendly. For commercial buildings where handicap accessible ramps are necessary, non-skid powder coatings come in handy for both the disabled and their caretakers. Buildings that require loading ramps benefit from anti-slip ramps for workers and protects packages coming into the building from breaking should an employee fall. Traditional powder coating is beneficial across many industries on its own. With anti-slip properties, your powder coated elements provide protection for your structure and those who may use the structure as a space for their business or home.

Ral Powder Coat Colors


The RAL color matching system, originally developed in Germany in the 1920s, represents a group of standards that allow for consistent reproduction of colors for a variety of applications, including powder coating in Houston. The name “RAL” comes from the German government organization that developed it—the Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherungbut thankfully we have the acronym RAL, which is a lot easier on the tongue. It’s not necessary to be intimately familiar with the history and technical aspects of RAL colors, but a little knowledge about the system can go a long way in helping you determine the kind of powder coat colors and other coating options that are right for the job you need, whether it’s as simple as outdoor furniture refinishing or as complex as large-scale industrial coating.

RAL is a continuously evolving standard, with over 2,300 colors represented, as well as 213 “classic” colors. This wide range of available colors allows for accurate color matching across the spectrum. Color standards are important in accurate reproduction of colors; prior to the introduction of this standard, color matching was achieved by exchanging samples of colors between customers and manufacturers. If you’ve ever brought a paint sample to a hardware store, you know that this method can be unreliable in achieving the exact same tint due to the difficulty of mixing by eye and general inconsistencies in mixing. Color standards are much more accurate, allowing for exact formulation and reproduction of powder coat colors in any application from patio furniture refinishing to road signage (a common use case for RAL—the traffic signs you see on your way home from work are painted by RAL standard).

Although RAL-standard coating can be purchased by any company offering powder coating in Houston services, larger companies will likely be able to offer better deals and better access to specialty formulations due to closer relationships with manufacturers and larger-volume orders. Whether you need a simple outdoor furniture refinishing job or large-scale coating services for construction or industry, consider working with an experienced and capable powder coating company that has the skills, knowledge, and access of RAL powder coat colors to get your job done right.

Protecting Coastal And Marine Structures With Powder Coating In Houston


Marine-grade powder coatings in Houston, TX are special powder coatings specifically designed to withstand the harsh, corrosive environment of saltwater and the outdoors. Protecting marine equipment and boating equipment from corrosion, rust, and other issues caused by regular exposure to the marine environment is essential to their durability and safety. Tugboats, cruise ships, commercial fishing vessels, ferries, etc. are all subjected to wind, rain, sun, extreme variation in temperatures, and saltwater on a regular basis. Many aspects of a boat are metal and extremely vulnerable to corrosion, and a simple powder coating process protects the structure and many components for many years. 

The versatility of marine-grade powder coating in Houston, TX allows the smallest the largest components of a boat, marine, or coastal structure to be powder coated and protected from weathering. Direct contact with sea water is not the only risk to corrosion, however, and structures along the coast benefit greatly from marine-grade powder coating. Port structures, dock structures, coastal playgrounds, and coastal commercial or residential buildings will all reap the rewards of marine-grade powder coating in Houston, TX.  

Marine vessels are subject to the exposure of different chemicals, even in clean water, that could also damage the structure without the right protective coating. Different powder coating methods offer different protections, so discussing with Houston Powder Coaters your needs, as well as what your product will be exposed to, is crucial in getting the maximum benefit out of your coatings. Marine-grade powder coatings in Houston, TX create an impermeable barrier between the sea salts and the structure underneath, preventing corrosion before it starts.

Outdoor Furniture Refinishing: Powder Coating Is The Superior Choice


Outdoor furniture refinishing services are especially important in an area like Houston. Although we love the outdoor life, we also have to be mindful of the threats that the elements pose to outdoor furniture: sun, rain, and near-constant humidity combine to make Houston, and the Gulf Coast in general, a difficult place to keep up a good set of outdoor furniture. No one wants to go to a barbecue or a simple patio get-together to be greeted with rusty or corroded furniture.

That’s where outdoor furniture refinishing comes in, and specifically powder coating in Houston services. Although there are a few options for refinishing your lawn and patio furniture, powder coating offers one of the most consistent and high-quality finishes compared to other processes like painting.

Professional outdoor furniture refinishing services that utilize powder coating begin with robust, thorough, and effective methods of surface preparation, including removal of previous coatings through burn-off, abrasive blasting, or hand-etching techniques. These processes are more effective in removing contaminants than any DIY process like using wire brushes in preparation for a coat of paint. Having a clean surface free from impurities is one of the most important aspects of getting a long-lasting and high-quality finish; therefore, if the longevity of your furniture is important, it’s worth the investment in professional outdoor furniture refinishing services.

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Powder Coating For Billboards In Houston


In large cities like Houston, thousands upon thousands of billboards line the busy highways and interstates to advertise businesses and organizations. It is a great way to advertise as people drive to and from work, school, the grocery store, etc. However, with the elements and weather subjecting billboards to constant abuse, they can look worn and torn relatively quickly, especially in a city like Houston. 

With powder coating in Houston, TX, the durability far surpasses that of liquid paint. Billboards are particularly susceptible to wind, rain, heat, cold, sun, etc. because they are lifted high into the air making ensuring their durability tantamount. A beat-up looking billboard gives passersby the impression that the business or organization may also be run-down although that is not true. 

Do not think that choosing powder coating in Houston, TX for your billboard will result in limited color options. That could not be further from the truth. Houston Powder Coaters has access to the RAF line of colors and can color match accurately to many other color systems to ensure that colors are accurate from digital media to billboard. 

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The Benefits Of Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating


In any heavy industry, and especially in the oil and gas industry so familiar to residents of Houston, there is a strong demand for coating technology that protects pipelines from both internal and external degrading factors such as corrosion, chemical breakdown, and physical abrasion. Fusion bonded epoxy coatings, also known as FBE coating, have been a popular choice for this application since their introduction in the 1960s.

What is fusion bonded epoxy coating?

FBE coating is a type of powder coating consisting of a resin and a hardener which, when heated at high temperatures, causes the material to melt into liquid form and flow to cover a substrate to be protected. Once the surface is covered, the piece is allowed to cool, which sets the coating into a solid form. The process of curing and then cooling the powder coating is called fusion bonding. Fusion bonded epoxy coating is different from conventional paint coatings in that it takes advantage of a process called cross-linking in which polymer chains are linked together; this results in a stronger and more resistant coating.

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Protecting Infrastructure With Powder Coating In Houston


Infrastructure is a small word that makes up a huge portion of what society sees and uses every day from parking lots to parks, sewage and water collection, electrical systems, transportation systems, and more. What is considered public works is a part of a nation or region’s infrastructure, and because it encompasses such a large portion of everyday life, ensuring durability and longevity is essential to a happy public. 

For playground equipment at public parks, making sure nothing becomes rust-laden is essential for public safety. Powder coating in Houston, TX is environmentally friendly and offers corrosion-resistant coatings in bright colors to suit child minds. Anti-slip powder coatings can be used on steps and pathways too. Parking lot barricades can also be powder coated in bright colors to ensure their visibility to prevent accidents. 

Unlike paint, which will need expensive repainting every few years, powder coating is chip and scratch-resistant and can last for many years.  Even the strongest outdoor paints on the market are susceptible to chipping, and unless sanded smooth during a repaint, previously chipped areas are more likely to chip again. Powder coating in Houston is also resistant to fading in direct sunlight. Most importantly, old and rusted equipment can be media blasted and powder coated to appear new with better protection than it ever had before, and it is more cost-effective than a complete replacement.

Choosing Powder Coating For Architectural Purposes In Houston


Most large-scale modern buildings rely on powder coating for design and protective function. First and foremost, in many designers’ minds is appearance, but that appearance also has to fit budget constraints, environmental limitations, durability, and maintenance requirements. Architectural powder coating in Houston, TX comes in many colors with more than 200 RAL colors and a color matching system for other color systems as well. Avant-garde architecture is also well-suited for powder coating, because it ensures complete and uniform coverage of the surface. Mesh, perforations, angles, curves, etc. are all well coated. Choose from matte, satin, and gloss finishes as well houston-powder-coating-2001CHOOSING POWDER COATING FOR ARCHITECTURAL PURPOSES IN HOUSTONas plain colors, anodic coatings, and granular powders to completely customize the structure.

In an increasingly sustainably minded society, powder coating is the premier choice. With negligible VOCs, powder coatings are environmentally friendly and don’t need special disposal methods. Powder coating in Houston, TX is a clean process, and overspray can be retrieved and reused, meaning less waste. Liquid coatings use solvents to suspend pigment. These solvents are often harmful to workers and the environment and costly equipment is needed to store liquid coating waste until disposal. Other advantages over liquid coatings are their durability, capabilities for thicker or specialized coatings, more efficient curing and drying processes, and more. Perhaps the greatest advantage of all is that any damage to a powder-coated structure in Houston, TX can be repaired easily and seamlessly on-site.

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