Getting The Right Color With Powder Coating In Houston


Powder coating in Houston is a vast industry with a plethora of uses. Outdoor furniture, architectural use, industrial use, municipal and infrastructure possibilities, etc. all benefit from powder coating in one way or another. Powder coating is a dry powder made from a mix of curatives, flow modifiers, and leveling agents. The powder is applied with a sprayer to electrostatically charged surfaces and then cured in an oven. Thermoplastic powder coatings fuse to the surface using heat and can melt after the curing process if reintroduced to excess heat. Thermoset powder coatings become set in their physical and chemical properties after their initial curing process, making them more durable and appropriate for use in industrial settings where exposure to high heat and chemicals is likely. 

When you make an appointment with Houston Powder Coaters to discuss your powder coating needs, you will quickly find out that because of HPC’s size and high output, they have a great relationship with many powder coating suppliers. They can quickly get you what you need if they do not have it in stock. They also work with powder coating suppliers to provide custom, specialty colors to clients who require specific colors for their products due to HOA restrictions, safety restrictions, or simple logo matching, etc. HPC’s special order colors are any color that exists on the RAL color chart for powder coatings and are considered non-inventory. These are not custom colors, but rather colors not frequently used, so they are not kept in stock. Custom colors can be formulated to match exact shades and specifications when provided with a swatch.  Whether you want to match your new powder coating to an existing coating or match it to your company logo, Houston Powder Coaters can get it done.

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