Powder Coating For Extreme Weather In Houston


Houston is subject to all manner of weather conditions. Heavy rains and floods, ice storms, extreme heat, and more can all wreak havoc on things that are exposed to the outdoors consistently. Powder coating Houston’s large-scale outdoor installations such as traffic lights, parking meters, park benches and more is a significant expense, but it can lead to significant cost-savings over time. Different climates will require different powder coating finishes and choosing a powder coating finish in Houston that has been tested in other regions may not provide the long-lasting, durable finish the client desires. A tried-and-true powder coating job from an experienced powder coating shop in Houston will lend you the best results, as they are experienced in choosing the appropriate finishes for their customer base. 

When it comes to discussing budget and financials with a customer, it is important to explain that even if up-front costs are higher, that doesn’t mean the finished product will be more expensive over the life of the object. A cheaper, less appropriate powder coating job in Houston can and will cost more money over the life of the product, despite a lower up-front cost. Repairing infrastructure can disrupt the daily flow of life in an area, so investing in long-lasting, durable products for your city prevents needless interruptions to traffic flow, park attendance, and more. Public infrastructure is subjected to heavy use, damaging environmental factors, etc. and preventing premature damage by spending more up-front protects residents and their families.

Everything There Is To Know About Powder Coating Finishes In Houston


What Is Powder Coating?

Simply put, powder coating in Houston is a method of dry coating an industrial product or element to provide protection against rust and corrosion. The powder coating process is superior to the traditional painting process in that it is more environmentally friendly, more durable, and provides a more professional finish. Powder coating can be used on metal, concrete, plastic, and steel and is highly versatile in both application and quality. Unlike traditional paint, powder coatings contain negligible volatile organic compounds (VOCs) typically found in the solvents (the liquid the pigments are suspended in).

What Types Of Powder Coating Are There?

Thermoset and thermoplastic are two types of powder coating. Thermoplastic powder finishes in Houston become soft and melt with the addition of heat. There is no chemical bonding between the metal, plastic, or concrete and the powder. Because of this quality, the powder coating can be recycled and reused. Thermoset powder coatings (such as fusion bonded epoxy) form chemical bonds after it cures, creating a super durable, heat-resistant coating. 

How Durable Is Powder Coating?

Very durable. There is a reason powder coating in Houston is quickly becoming the go-to method for architecture, infrastructure, the oil and gas industry, and even outdoor furniture. Powder coating can protect against corrosion, scratches, extreme temperatures, and more. 

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Choosing The Right Powder Coating Company In Houston


Whether your application is industrial, commercial, architectural, or just a personal piece, you have many business options to choose from when looking for powder coating in Houston. Since its introduction in the 1960s, the process of powder coating has become very popular and common, and there are many businesses that provide these services. However, as with any purchase, there are some quick guidelines you should keep in mind to be sure that you’re working with a quality provider of powder coating in Houston.

First, and possibly most importantly, you should look for a business that adheres to strict QA and QC standards. Powder coating is not a simple process, and an amateur provider will only serve up amateur results. A high-quality powder coating business will have thorough quality assurance and quality control standards, and should outline them for the customer. Any coating job that doesn’t adhere to strict quality standards will invite irregularities in the finished product due to a wide variety of factors, including lack of proper surface preparation and inappropriate coating thickness. Proper QA and QC standards eliminate these irregularities and provide for a smoother finished product.

Second, try to work with a business that offers a wide variety of powder coat colors. Your coating job will likely require a specific color, and matching that requirement is clearly a high priority. A powder coating business that offers a wide variety of stock colors as well as the option of producing special order colors is more capable of matching the exact color specification you need. Additionally, such a business offering powder coating in Houston is more likely to be experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable in providing high-quality service.

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Powder Coat Colors – A Rainbow Of Possibilities


When it comes to choosing the right color for a coating job, it should be no surprise that there are thousands of choices. As with traditional wet paint applications, virtually any powder coat colors can be formulated to match any current sample or order. There really is a rainbow of color possibilities.

However, before we get too far down this road, it is important to note that when powder coating in Houston, it is imperative to understand what the final application is for. Is the piece going to be exposed to extreme heat, high humidity, or other environmental hazards? Will the assembly incur high stress levels or corrosive agents? Is the metal going to be expected to take excess impacts or bends? These questions help determine the type of base polymer that should be used in color formulation.

From here, colors, textures, glosses, and effects can be decided. You read it right; there is a large selection of options besides just powder coat colors. Antiques, textures, jollipops, wrinkles, crinkles, clear coats are all options to create the final appearance that you are looking for.  Add these to the thousands of RAL powder coat colors and you have a humongous spectrum of color.

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What Is Powder Coating?


Powder coating has many uses in industrial, commercial, and residential settings, but what exactly is the process of powder coating? When looking to hire someone to perform powder coating in Houston services, it can be helpful to understand what exactly the process entails, which empowers customers to make the right decision on who they work with.

Although there are many variables that factor into the procedure, powder coating is simply an electrostatic process of applying fine particles of pigment and resin to a metal surface, most commonly through the use of specialized spray gun. Once the pieces are coated, they are placed into oversized ovens to “cure” with high temperatures, which allows the coating to “flow” and produce an even, smooth, and resilient coating. This coating is designed to resist damage from weather, physical impact, and other environmental factors that could damage important metal surfaces. Qualified and experienced shops that perform powder coating in Houston services will understand the process from start to finish, and are willing and able to explain to customers how powder coating can protect against damage unique to the Houston area.

Customers may be wondering why they should take advantage of powder coating in Houston services rather than a traditional wet coating. Since powder coating doesn’t require the use of a solvent, there is no drying time needed and achieving the right coating thickness is much easier with powder coating; additionally, the solvents used in wet coating can be harmful to the environment, which is not a concern in powder coating. Plus, since the coating actually integrates into the metal surface after abrasive blasting, a powder coated surface resists physical impacts and abrasions better than a wet coating.

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Non-Skid Powder Coating Finishes For Commercial Buildings In Houston


Commercial buildings in large metropolitan areas such as Houston, TX see an inordinate amount of traffic when compared to smaller cities.  With highly populous areas, buildings are typically built up instead of out. While elevators are the main method of going up and down, staircases are necessary for emergencies such as fires or electrical outages. With heavy traffic possible on staircases, it is imperative that non-skid powder coatings in Houston, TX are used to minimize slips and falls of tenants and visitors. Non-skid powder coatings ensure that the treads of the staircase do not become hazardously slippery during a rainstorm or a spill. These special powder coatings can also be applied to stair railings in commercial stairwells to add to the overall safety of the stairwell. 

Non-skid powder coatings in Houston, TX provide all the benefits of traditional powder coating, such as corrosion resistance and durability, while being environmentally friendly. For commercial buildings where handicap accessible ramps are necessary, non-skid powder coatings come in handy for both the disabled and their caretakers. Buildings that require loading ramps benefit from anti-slip ramps for workers and protects packages coming into the building from breaking should an employee fall. Traditional powder coating is beneficial across many industries on its own. With anti-slip properties, your powder coated elements provide protection for your structure and those who may use the structure as a space for their business or home.

What Does RAL Mean In Powder Coating?


The term “RAL” appears very frequently in the powder coating industry and is instantly familiar to those who work in the field, but its meaning and origins, beyond the fact that it’s related to powder coat colors, might be more obscure to those who aren’t actively involved in the powder coating industry.

RAL is color matching system used in powder coating to ensure that colors are standardized across different applications, much like the Pantone color system in printing. There’s a good reason it’s simply called RAL, though: it actually refers to the Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung, a German industrial commission that invented the standard in 1927, starting with a collection of 40 colors. The standardized colors used in applications of powder coating in Houston got their start almost a century ago, in a different country, which is a testament to the utility of the standard and its enduring presence in industrial applications.

Though there have been several iterations and expansions of the RAL standard, the concept has remained the same. Having a standardized color system, produced with the same tints, hues, and saturations each time, makes it significantly easier to produce powder coat colors that remain consistent regardless of how many times they must be mixed.

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Powder Coating Over Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel


Used across a variety of industrial and commercial applications, steel is one of the most common construction materials used in the world today. As one might expect, its integrity is of the utmost importance when the metal is part of an erected assembly that cannot be “undone.”  Whether the steel is for bridges, light towers, or even the fire suppression systems integrated in every building, corrosion protection is paramount to ensure the longevity, dependability, and integrity of the metal substrate. Although there are multiple types of corrosion protection in the industry, one that sets itself apart is a duplex system of Powder Coating over Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel. This double system of coatings ensures an impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-resistant formula that looks good as well.

Developed as a method for preventing corrosive agents from reaching the base metal, galvanizing is the process of dipping steel in a bath of molten zinc. Originated in 1742, galvanization has evolved over hundreds of years resulting in better application, adherence, and longevity standards.

Powder Coating over Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel is the second phase of this resilient duplex system. Unlike its traditional wet-paint counterpart, powder coating takes advantage of its electrochemical bonds to sink deeper into the anchor profiles thereby creating a hardened shell. Hot-dip galvanizing provides the basic cathodic and barrier protection underneath while the powder coating handles the chemical, impact, and corrosive resistance on top.

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What Are Corvel® ECA-1660 And Corvel® EP-10 (Internal Pipe Coatings)?


Within the many technological advances that have been brought on by the oil and gas industry, industrial coatings and their related processes are unsung heroes. The transportation of hydrocarbons through pipes is an integral and necessary mean of delivering the energy that fuels our nation, and the importance of protective coatings on and in these pipes cannot be overstated. Fusion bonded epoxy coatings have grown in popularity as an effective protectant against corrosion and other destructive forces since their introduction in the 1960s.  Two popular products that are frequently used in the interior coating of these oilfield pipes are Resicoat® Corvel 1-6051 Green (HKH12QF) fusion bonded epoxy and Resicoat® 596301 primer.  These coatings are also commonly known and referred to as Corvel® ECA-1660 and Corvel® EP-10.

With regards to fusion bonded epoxy coatings, a substrate is protected from destructive forces by the application of special melt-mixed solid polymers that are more advanced and protective than typical paint. The epoxy is a dry powder which is applied electrostatically to a substrate’s surface (such as the internals of steel pipes that will be transporting hydrocarbons). At normal temperatures, the powder remains in dry form.  But once applied to a preheated pipe, the powder “flows” to a liquid form, thereby cross-linking with the metal and the resin primer. This pattern creates a durable and longer-lasting protective barrier compared to other industrial coatings.

CorvelCorvel® ECA-1660, originally manufactured by Rohm and Haas and now currently owned by Akzo Nobel, is one such fusion bonded epoxy coating. This product is a melt-mixed epoxy thermoset coating (meaning that once it’s cured, it remains in that state forever) which is rated for use in elevated temperatures and pressures. Given that higher temperatures and pressures are common in the piping environments of the oil and gas industry, this product sees wide use across multiple disciplines.  Corvel® ECA-1660 is designed to be used in tandem with Corvel® EP-10, a liquid coating primer. The combination of the Corvel® EP-10® EP-10 primer and Corvel® ECA-1660 offers great uniformed adhesion of the epoxy to the surface as well as increased resistance to H2S, CO2, CH4, and other petroleum distillates.  As such, this 2-part system is regularly used to coat drill pipe, production tubing, and associated fittings.

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Restoration And Repair


The warm summer months have arrived—or, if you’re in Houston, you may have already been experiencing summer weather for weeks now. In the days ahead, many of us will spend time outside with family and friends. Whether that time includes a dip in the swimming pool or just conversations on the deck, outdoor patio furniture is used in many outdoor gatherings in Houston. These pieces can provide a convenient place to relax and can also add decorative flavor to an outdoor space.

Of course, outdoor patio furniture is also constantly exposed to the elements, which can damage the finish over time. The climate in Houston can be especially unforgiving—the humidity and sun damage can leave patio furniture in desperate need of attention, whether it’s a family piece handed down through the generations or a newer one purchased at the specialty patio store. Outdoor patio furniture restoration in Houston can alleviate the damaging effects of the weather, and keep furniture looking new and inviting.

Though powder coating in Houston is prominently used in industrial and commercial settings, the processes and techniques also provide for superior coating protection in a job as small as the refinishing of deck chairs. The powder coating process utilizes strict surface preparation standards in which industrial equipment is used to remove rust and dirt from the piece, as well as any previous coatings such as paint. These surface preparation techniques, including abrasive blasting, burn-off, or hand-etching, produce a cleaner surface than any DIY job could ever attain. Anchor profiles are also created through these processes, which provides for better adherence when the powder coating is applied.

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Benefits Of Powder Coating Gates, Fence Panels, And Banisters


Bare metal components on the exterior of a home are going to rust – there are no two ways about it. Exposure to oxygen, humidity, and rain will begin the corrosion process, which will only get worse as time wears on. Sunlight (and its harsh UV rays) also breaks down traditional coatings and allows fluctuating seasonal temperatures to weaken joints and attack critical areas. These environmental elements seem to be constantly conspiring to ruin metal structures on the exterior of a home. Thus, protective coatings are a must for your outdoor gates, fence panels, and banisters. Protective (functional) coatings will also reduce maintenance costs over time and increase the value of your home.

The most basic type of coating—the simple paint job—provides some protection but leaves a lot to be desired. Average consumer-grade paint, when applied by a non-professional, is susceptible to uneven finishes, chipping, and cracking that can quickly jumpstart the corrosion process. Furthermore, a couple coats of paint will not build up enough “mils” to protect these pieces over time. Even a commercial grade paint will lose its gloss level over a year or two due to its lack of clearcoat resins.

Powder coating gates, fence panels, and banisters has increased in popularity over the years due to its higher level of protection and elegant look. Compared to traditional wet paint applications, the benefits of powder coating gates, fence panels, and banisters are exponentially greater.

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Unveiling the Future of Powder Coating: Houston Powder Coaters Launches New Website

Houston Powder Coaters New Website &  Resource Houston Powder Coaters

We are thrilled to announce the exciting launch of our brand-new website at Houston Powder Coaters! Designed with a commitment to education and innovation, our website aims to be a comprehensive resource for anyone eager to delve into the world of powder coating.

At Houston Powder Coaters, we believe that knowledge empowers and innovation propels industries forward. That's why we've crafted a website that goes beyond being a mere digital presence—it's a hub of information, a learning center, and a celebration of the transformative power of powder coating.

Why Powder Coating? Powder coating has emerged as a leading finishing technique for various industries, offering durability, versatility, and environmental benefits. Our new website serves as a gateway for individuals and businesses to explore the myriad advantages of powder coating. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious enthusiast, you'll find valuable insights into the benefits, techniques, and technology behind this revolutionary process.

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Environmentally Friendly Coatings (Eco-Friendly Coatings)


Negligible VOCs

When it comes to environmentally friendly coatings, powder coating is at the top of the list.  The largest difference between powder and industrial wet paint is the presence of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs for short).  VOCs, like one found in wet paint applications, are harmful to the environment as they dry and as they age.  Furthermore, they can create health problems for people who are exposed to them on a repetitive basis. Eco-friendly coatings such as powder and FBE coatings do not require an extensive exhaust system to the outdoors like their wet paint counterparts and are generally considered non-toxic and breathable. The application of powder coatings produces negligible VOCs and does not contribute to air pollution.

Less Hazardous Waste

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Professional Powder Coating Services Are Worth The Investment


Powder coating has been around for several decades—specifically since the 1940s. For most of its history, the technology and materials used in the process are widely utilized in industrial applications that require specialized protective coatings. However, multiple fusion-bonded systems are now available to the average consumer who find simple kits for surprisingly cheap prices.  Since powder coatings are more effective at protecting surfaces than simple paint, using it for the purposes of outdoor furniture refinishing (or other hobbyist projects) can be very attractive to the DIY-minded.  However, there are several reasons why professional powder coating services are worth a little extra investment.

Whether you’re looking to powder coat something yourself or send it to a small shop that promises big results, be aware that there are many factors that can and will affect the final quality of the finish. Commercial/industrial powder coaters operate under strict regulations, work with high-end and expensive commercial equipment, and bring decades of experience with them.  A DIY home powder coating kit might claim to offer safe application, but it’s naive to overlook the many protections that professional powder coaters put into place.  Proper ventilation, respiration, and handling/disposal of the powder & media all require careful consideration.

Also, professional coaters follow surface preparation and quality control standards that far exceed the capabilities of amateurs.  The removal of rust, grease, and other contaminants ensure a clean surface for which the powder will adhere to.  Furthermore, deep anchor patterns created by these processes allow for the powder to sink further into the metal to better protect against dings, chips, and abrasions.  As you can guess, these services cannot be offered by anyone other than a professional powder coating facility.

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The Powder Coating Process And Its Uses In Houston


The powder coating process has steadily gained in popularity since its introduction in the 1960s, with coating distributors and manufacturers popping up along with service shops that perform the actual coating process. It’s clear that powder coating in Houston is an effective process, and a popular one given the presence of heavy industry nearby that can always find a use for the technology. But what exactly happens in the powder coating process?

At its heart, powder coating is a process for applying a finish that protects a wide variety of surfaces from damage, whether chemical, radioactive, or physical. In Houston and surrounding areas like the Woodlands, Katy, and Baytown, powder coating enjoys popularity due to the needs of the ever-present oil and gas industry, but it can also be used to apply a protective coating to something as basic as household appliances.

The material applied to a surface in powder coating consists of a polymer resin base combined with additional materials such as curatives, pigments, and flow modifiers. These ingredients are ground into a uniform powder before being applied to the surface to be coated with the use of a specially-made spray gun, sometimes called a corona gun. These guns use an electrostatic process to actually apply the coating, which differs significantly from other coatings, like the wet coating of a traditional paint. Since the electrostatic process eliminates the need for wet coating, powder coating in the Woodlands, TX can be helpful in protecting everything from large machinery to the miles and miles of piping used in the oil and gas industry.

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Professional Powder Coat Repair


When it comes to powder coat repair, the simple answer is that it isn’t that simple.

Powder coating inherently involves an oven that allows for polymers and resins to melt, cross-link, and harden to become an integrated shell for a metal component. Therefore, unless the damaged pieces can be put through this fusion-bonded process again, any other “repair” will have limited protective qualities. Houston Powder Coaters has an experienced team capable of performing multiple services related to powder coating in Houston, including powder coat repair. Although there are a few exceptions to this rule (like ones that involve thermoplastic polymers), most powder coat repair falls within the following techniques.

  • Wet Paint Touch-Up – Like it sounds, wet paint can be applied by spray, brush, or roll-on methods to touch-up damaged areas. HOWEVER, it is important to note that proper surface preparation and masking are mandatory for any true level of success in the powder coat repair All damaged areas need to be sanded down and smoothed over to ensure a clean surface from which to paint.  After masking pieces to prevent any overspray or drips, a double coating of a liquid epoxy (with drying and sanding in between) will assist with sealing the damaged areas.
  • Blast / Hand-Etch and Reapply – If the damage of the powder coat is limited or over a small area, the pieces can be rerun. This involves bringing the piece back to the facility where it can be ground smooth, re-blasted, and re-shot. As the anchor pattern of the previous coating is strong, the additional blast creates a new anchor pattern for the new powder to adhere to. Again, these pieces will be placed in an oven to cure. Due to the extraordinary properties of the powder polymers, enhanced “bake windows” allow for previously cured powders to be reheated without incurring damage.
  • Burn-Off and Start Over – If the damage to the coating is significant, it is recommended to start from scratch. Pieces will need to be “thermal-stripped,” which means that the coating must be burnt off.  Whereas wet coatings can be removed simply with abrasive blasting techniques, powder coating must be heated up to break its physical and chemical bonds.  Afterwards, the pieces are blasted and coated as if they were untreated.

If you have any additional questions regarding powder coating in Houston or powder coat repair in general, please give Houston Powder Coaters a call.  We are happy to educate and assist.

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