Powder Coating Vs. Wet Painting: What Are The Benefits Of Powder Coating?


Across many industries and applications, there is a common need for finishing processes that can offer effective and efficient protection for metal surfaces. Whether it’s pipeline for the oil and gas industry or traffic signs in urban development, metals are ever-present in our daily lives, and they need to be protected from damage from a variety of sources. Traditional wet paint can be used to coat metal surfaces and afford some protection, but there are more effective coating technologies—powder coating being first and foremost amongst them.

Powder coating in Houston offers several advantages over wet paint application. One of the clearest advantages with powder coating is the thick, hard finish that is produced by a process of electrostatic binding and high-heat curing. The thickness of the coat, and its durability and resistance to factors such as abrasion and rust, is unattainable with traditional wet paint coatings. Plus, wet paint coatings will require maintenance down the road, with further coats necessary to preserve the coat’s protective qualities; powder coating is a more permanent solution, offering a denser and harder finish with fewer coats overall.

Powder coating doesn’t just offer protective benefits, but in several ways it can also offer a more attractive finish. Powder coat colors and textures are offered in a wide variety of choices to the consumer, with the RAL system providing standardized colors throughout the industry. Powder coating in Houston also offers a more even coating since the powder is applied uniformly without the drips or application traces that might be seen with wet paint. Plus, the application and curing process in powder coating is significantly faster than allowing a coating of wet paint to dry, and powder coating is environmentally friendly—the powder contains no solvents and produces a low amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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What Does RAL Mean In Powder Coating?


The term “RAL” appears very frequently in the powder coating industry and is instantly familiar to those who work in the field, but its meaning and origins, beyond the fact that it’s related to powder coat colors, might be more obscure to those who aren’t actively involved in the powder coating industry.

RAL is color matching system used in powder coating to ensure that colors are standardized across different applications, much like the Pantone color system in printing. There’s a good reason it’s simply called RAL, though: it actually refers to the Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung, a German industrial commission that invented the standard in 1927, starting with a collection of 40 colors. The standardized colors used in applications of powder coating in Houston got their start almost a century ago, in a different country, which is a testament to the utility of the standard and its enduring presence in industrial applications.

Though there have been several iterations and expansions of the RAL standard, the concept has remained the same. Having a standardized color system, produced with the same tints, hues, and saturations each time, makes it significantly easier to produce powder coat colors that remain consistent regardless of how many times they must be mixed.

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Outdoor Furniture Refinishing: When Should You Refinish Metal Furniture?


Maybe your outdoor furniture has been sitting exposed to the elements for too long. Maybe you just found a great deal on furniture that needs refinishing at a garage sale. Either way, it’s usually fairly obvious when furniture is in need of refinishing, especially outdoor metal furniture. However, before you make the decision on whether or not to refinish, and the method of refinishing, there are some important things to consider.

First: do you actually want to go through with the outdoor furniture refinishing? This question might be especially relevant if the furniture was purchased in its current state, such as from a garage sale or an antique store. Vintage styles are currently popular, so if the piece isn’t too damaged, it might be worth keeping it in its current state for the “charm” factor. However, rust and sharp edges can quickly make a piece of metal furniture unusable, so don’t be shy about getting it refinished.

Once the decision is made to go through with the outdoor furniture refinishing job, additional factors crop up. Is it worth doing the job on your own? DIY refinishing jobs can be rewarding, but also costly in materials, labor, and most importantly, time. If the furniture piece isn’t a labor of love, then getting it professionally refinished is likely the best option.

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Protective Metal Coatings In Houston


There are various protective metal coatings in Houston available for industrial, commercial, and architectural applications. We offer two main options at Houston Powder Coaters.

The powder coating industry makes up around 15% of the market for protective metal coatings in Houston. It was first introduced in the 1960s in North America, and over the decades has become the go-to protective finish for many different industries whose needs are vast.  Powder coatings require no solvents like liquid paints and coatings, so they emit almost no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs for short.  Without a liquid solvent the powder coating can be applied more thickly as it is not susceptible to sags like its liquid counterparts. With their low environmental impact, myriad of colors, and near infinite catalog of uses, protective metal coatings in Houston are in high demand.

Fusion-bonded epoxy coating, or FBE coating for short, is a type of protective metal coating typically used to protect steel pipes used in pipeline construction, rebar, valves, and more from corrosion. On the interior of the pipes, a phenolic primer is used as an anti-corrosive basecoat that is resistant to oxygenated atmospheres but also carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, brine, and petroleum distillates.  After the primer comes the FBE, and with that the interior is done. On the exterior, the phenolic primer step is skipped, instead FBE is applied and then a fusion-bonded polyester finishes the exterior for a superior protective metal coating.

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Industrial Powder Coating In Texas


Industrial powder coating in Texas may not be a flashy subject, but the technology and specialized services associated with it are paramount to providing high level protection to industrial parts and projects.  Businesses looking to safeguard their physical assets invest in powder coating as a form of elongating parts’ operational lifecycles.  Furthermore, it is important to recognize that all coating applicators are not the same.  An experienced and capable powder coating shop should be large enough to handle all elements of the process in-house.  This will not only maximize efficiencies but also result in faster turnarounds.

Texas is home to many different industries, with agriculture, manufacturing, and oil and gas being among the largest and most important to the local economies. In heavy industries, such as oil and gas, the protection of metal surfaces is a critical aspect that requires close attention. Drilling fluid, hydrocarbons, CO2, CH4, and other contaminants are harsh on metal surfaces such as the extensive piping that services the upstream and downstream segments. This where industrial powder coating in Texas reveals its importance.

Powder coating as a process is different from other types of protective and anti-corrosive coatings, such as simple paint. Industrial powder coating in Texas involves the use of an electrostatic gun that applies a dry powder to the surface needing protection. The coating is cured under heat to produce a tough finish that exceeds in protecting the metal substrate.  For internal protection, the recent development of the triple-application fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) system provides especially resilient and durable protection for the many miles of piping that transport petroleum products.

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Patio Furniture Repair – Houston Powder Coaters


In South Texas, patio furniture is subjected to relentless heat, humidity, and adverse weather. Even furniture built to last can rust and break., and fabric can dry rot. Nothing is more disappointing than planning to spend a day in the beautiful outdoors only to find that the furniture outside is unusable. Professional patio furniture repair can increase the longevity of outdoor seating, tables, and more.

Wrought iron and cast-iron patio furniture are popular options in the south because they are heavy and fade resistant. However, they are susceptible to humidity and can rust. Rust can lead to weak structure which can lead to breakage. Patio furniture repair is an investment in outdoor living, so a company like Houston Powder Coaters that not only repairs your furniture but can protect it from further damage for a long time is essential. Having an experienced welding staff to repair damage, or even replace missing or broken parts will ensure that your furniture is not just repaired but returned to you better than new. HPC is highly experienced in patio furniture repair and will even replace or repair feet caps (and cap with a plastic inserts) so that your furniture is on even footing.

Another popular option in the south is sling patio furniture because it offers the comfort of cushioned seating but is much more breathable.  However, fabric in the south (even fabric meant for the outdoors) will eventually give way to dry rot. Sitting in a dry rotted sling chair is a recipe for a hurt back. Patio furniture repair should be a one stop shop. Have your sling patio furniture powder coated and get the fabric replaced by Houston Powder Coaters in Houston, Texas. Hundreds of sling designs and many-colored coatings make for near infinite options for any design.

3M™ Scotchkote™ 134 – NSF/ANSI 61 & AWWA C213 Certified


The oil and gas industry of Houston quite literally powers the world. Houston’s geographical location on the Gulf of Mexico makes the city an ideal operational base for oil and gas exploration and production.  From the regional mineral-rich shale in the Permian Basin to the deep-sea reserves off Africa’s coasts, Houston’s domestic and international reach is expansive. A vast array of technologies and equipment contribute to the successful extraction, processing, and transportation of those hydrocarbons that power our lives. In particular, the metal piping and equipment that carry and process these fuels must be protected to ensure operational efficiency and environmental safety, and fusion bonded epoxy coatings are a key contributor to this process.

“3M™ Scotchkote™ Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating 134” might not mean much to the average individual, but to those who work with protective coatings for the oil and gas industry of Houston, it means much more. Manufactured by 3M, Scotchkote 134 is a thermosetting epoxy coating applied to pipe and equipment through an electrostatic powder coating process. The coating is hardened or “cured” using large ovens to fusion bond the protective coating to the metal substrate.

Such protection is of utmost importance in the oil and gas industry, with the inside of a pipe being regularly exposed to corrosive hydrocarbons or heavily brine conditions. In fact, applied after Scotchkote 345 Liquid Phenolic Primer, Scotchkote 134 FBE offers excellent resistance to C02, H2S, CH4, and other petroleum distillates at elevated temperatures and pressures. Without proper protection, pipes require more frequent maintenance or replacement, and could even leak or burst—which is clearly a serious environmental and safety hazard.

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Outdoor Patio Furniture Refinishing In Houston: Experience Matters


Whether it’s an antique piece that has been in the family for decades or a recent purchase that has fallen victim to some less-than-ideal climate conditions, outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston becomes necessary when an important or cherished furniture piece loses that special shine. Harsh climates with heavy rains, unrelenting heat, and salty Gulf Coast air can significantly lessen the life of a piece of outdoor furniture. High-humidity areas are also hard on a furniture piece’s protective coatings. It’s no surprise then that outdoor patio furniture in Houston can take a beating. Refinishing the protective coating on the piece is a good way to extend its life and to ensure it stays in the family for years.

Outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston can certainly be attempted as a DIY project. But if a piece has fond memories and its own history attached, it’s usually a better option to choose a professional refinishing service. The price point of a DIY project might be more attractive, but ask yourself if it’s worth the time, effort, and potential poor quality of handling the job yourself. It would be a shame to lose a family heirloom to poor workmanship.

For several reasons, a professional powder coating shop in Houston is much more equipped to handle this potentially delicate job. First, DIYers simply can’t compete with the attention to surface preparation standards and methods that a professional shop offers. These industry experts have the knowledge and tools to use the appropriate burn-off, abrasive blast, or hand-etching techniques to­ prepare the surface to a cleanliness standard that can’t be approached by a DIYer. The process of abrasive blasting with industrial equipment also produces by-product that is simply not feasible for the DIYer to manage. A professional powder coating shop can ensure that the surface is as clean as possible prior to the application of the new finish. This is important since an unclean surface could lead to irregularities that result in a less effective and less attractive finish.

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