Types Of Powder Coating And Their Uses: Thermosets


The biggest difference between thermoset powder coatings and thermoplastic powder coatings is how they react under high temperatures. Thermoplastic coatings will melt and turn liquid again under high heat because they do not chemically react with the surface they adhere to. Thermoset coatings will not melt under high temperatures and are therefore used in industries where the powder coated object will be subjected to harsh conditions. The science behind thermoset powder coatings in Houston is a chemical process called cross-linking during the heat curing process. After it has cooled and set, the thermoset powder maintains its hardness when heat is reintroduced. 

Polyester Thermoset Powder

This type of thermoset powder is the most commonly used powder coating in Houston. Over 60 percent of the market uses polyester-based powder coatings because of its durability and ability to withstand constant outdoor exposure.

Epoxy Thermoset Powder

Unlike polyester, epoxy thermoset powder coatings in Houston do not hold up well outdoors.  However, they are perfect for indoor industrial equipment, indoor metal furniture and elements, as well as automotive underbody components.

Acrylic Thermoset Powder

Acrylic thermoset powders in Houston are used mainly for clear coating over other materials and are often used in the automotive industry as they are chip resistant. Acrylic powders can also be added to polyester powders to improve the flow of the powder and the smoothness of the surface.

Fluoropolymer Thermoset Powder

Fluoropolymer powder coatings are most commonly used for outdoor settings, as they perform very strongly outdoors and protects the underlying surface from ultraviolet damage.

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