The Environmental Advantages Of Powder Coating In Houston


Powder coating is well known for its durability, attractiveness, and unmatched corrosion and environmental protection.  What it is less known for, but perhaps its greatest asset, is its eco-friendliness. Powder coating in Houston boasts many environmental impact advantages when compared with other types of coating processes.

No Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile organic compounds (VOC for short) are chemicals found in the air from a variety of industries. These can include but are not limited to liquid paint and paint strippers, adhesives, cleaners, pesticides, air fresheners, and gasoline fumes. Powder coating and liquid paint coating industries are closely related but vastly different when it comes to environmental impact. All coatings need time to cure to reach maximum durability. Liquid coatings release VOCs as they cure and also as they are applied. While some liquid paints are classified as low-VOC, they still emit hazardous fumes as they are applied and as they cure over time. Choosing powder coating over liquid coating means not only will you get a more durable, attractive finish, but you can rest easy knowing your order won’t contribute to air pollution. 

Less Material Waste

Powder coating is eco-friendly and cost-effective for a few reasons, one of which is the recyclable aspect of both powders and abrasive media. Overspray during surface prep and powder coating is collected for reuse. Liquid coatings and strippers have a very strict disposal protocol so as not to contaminate groundwater and the environment at large. 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, cost-effective coating solution, Houston Powder Coaters is the way to go. 

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