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We are thrilled to announce the exciting launch of our brand-new website at Houston Powder Coaters! Designed with a commitment to education and innovation, our website aims to be a comprehensive resource for anyone eager to delve into the world of powder coating.

At Houston Powder Coaters, we believe that knowledge empowers and innovation propels industries forward. That's why we've crafted a website that goes beyond being a mere digital presence—it's a hub of information, a learning center, and a celebration of the transformative power of powder coating.

Why Powder Coating? Powder coating has emerged as a leading finishing technique for various industries, offering durability, versatility, and environmental benefits. Our new website serves as a gateway for individuals and businesses to explore the myriad advantages of powder coating. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a curious enthusiast, you'll find valuable insights into the benefits, techniques, and technology behind this revolutionary process.

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Beating the Heat with Powder Coating in Houston

Beating the Heat with Powder Coating in Houston

Houston, Texas is known for its hot and humid summers. With temperatures regularly reaching over 90°F and heat indexes regularly reaching 100 degrees some days, it can be challenging to stay cool and comfortable. However, there is a solution that can help beat the heat – powder coating.

Powder coating is a process that involves applying a dry powder to a surface and then heating it to create a durable and protective coating. This coating is known for its ability to resist heat, making it an excellent choice for infrastructure in Houston.

One of the main benefits of powder coating is its ability to reflect heat. When sunlight hits a powder-coated surface, the heat is reflected rather than absorbed. This means that the surface stays cooler, which can help reduce the overall temperature in the surrounding area.  Park benches and playground equipment are in danger of becoming hot enough to burn residents during the hot summers, but because of powder coating’s ability to reflect rather than absorb heat, parks and playgrounds can be enjoyed more thoroughly. Renewing old metal patio furniture with powder coating is also a viable option, and Houston Powder Coaters can even redo straps, slings, and fabric accessories to be a one stop shop for refinishing your outdoor patio furniture.

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Non-slip Powder Coatings for Power Plants in Houston

Non-slip Powder Coatings for Power Plants in Houston

Non-slip powder coating is a type of industrial powder coating that can be applied to virtually any surface to provide a textured grip. It's commonly used in industrial settings, but it also has many other applications.

The process involves spraying the material onto the object being coated and then curing the product at the right temperature, creating a highly textured finish that provides better traction than smooth surfaces without affecting the look or feel of whatever you're coating.

Non-slip powder coatings for power plants have many benefits. The most obvious benefit is that it reduces the risk of slips and falls, which can lead to serious injuries or even death. This is especially important in areas where there are high volumes of traffic, such as at entrances and exits or near walkways. The increased safety means that your employees will be able to work more efficiently without worrying about hurting themselves while they're doing their jobs.

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New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 2

New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 2

Along with the venture into plant-based (also known as bio-based) and low temperature curable powders, the powder coating industry in Houston is taking other strides into the sustainability and economic impact of their industry.

Hyper-durability is easily the most effective way to impact the sustainability of an industry. Having to do frequent recoats is labor-intensive, cost-ineffective, and unsustainable. Product failure due to ineffective coatings is antithetical to the sustainability movement. A hyper-durable coating ensures that products need to be coated less frequently, and the products themselves last longer as well. Powder coatings are graded on their corrosion resistance and their UV resistance to measure their overall durability. Different durability ratings determine what industry powder coatings can be used for and what environment they perform best in. UV intensive areas such as Houston would do better focusing on powders with higher durability ratings according to the AAMA (American Architectures Manufacture Association). 

Interest in anti-microbial coatings has surged over the past few years as well (for obvious reasons). Powder coating distributor Keyland Polymer has developed an anti-microbial powder that is UV curable. This new powder can be completely cured within minutes at 100-125 degrees Celsius. Keyland Polymer’s entire UV line now has the added benefit of being antimicrobial, called UVMax Defender. Using a silver ion technology, UVMax Defender reduced the reproduction of bacteria like E. Coli and Staphylococcus by 99.99 percent. This would be hugely beneficial for hospitals and other medical facilities, long-term care facilities, grocery stores, food prep areas, and public restrooms.  Whatever your powder coating needs are, Houston Powder Coaters is sure to leave you satisfied.

New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 1

New Trends in Sustainability in the Powder Coating Industry: Part 1

In 2022, the powder coating industry is said to have raked in 14.7 billion dollars across the globe and by 2032 it is expected to hit a market size of 25.4 billion dollars. The industry is not slowing down, and there are many new aspects to powder coating in Houston that will give the market every advantage over other coating methods. But is it sustainable? The definition of sustainability is the ability of a market to meet current demands without sacrificing availability for future needs. The powder coating industry in Houston has always boasted a higher measure of sustainability than other coating industries. The durability of powder coating in combination with the recyclability of powders and abrasive medias make the powder coating industry in Houston a sustainable one. However, new developments in the powder coating industry stand to make it even more sustainable for the future.

Plant-based is a buzzword many industries have been using lately to promote more sustainable goods. Recently Sherwin Williams has unveiled its new Powdura® ECO Hybrid Coatings line which uses 25% pre-consumer recycled plastic. The company Allnex has also developed a powder coating line that uses 25% pre-consumer recycled plastic, as well as a line that uses plant-based polyester resins.  According to the industry, one pound of the recycled product powders contain on average the equivalent of 10 water bottles worth of consumer plastics. 

The powder coating supply industry has been looking for durable powders that are able to be cured at a lower temperature than previous powders. This reduces a company’s carbon footprint as well as its energy costs. In recent years, companies have been shifting to a more sustainable cure time and temperatures of 10 to 15 minutes at 150 to 160 degrees Celsius for a majority of powder coatings. Not only do these powder coatings save companies money on energy expenses, but a quicker turn around allows for higher production numbers. 

Powder Coating For Extreme Weather In Houston


Houston is subject to all manner of weather conditions. Heavy rains and floods, ice storms, extreme heat, and more can all wreak havoc on things that are exposed to the outdoors consistently. Powder coating Houston’s large-scale outdoor installations such as traffic lights, parking meters, park benches and more is a significant expense, but it can lead to significant cost-savings over time. Different climates will require different powder coating finishes and choosing a powder coating finish in Houston that has been tested in other regions may not provide the long-lasting, durable finish the client desires. A tried-and-true powder coating job from an experienced powder coating shop in Houston will lend you the best results, as they are experienced in choosing the appropriate finishes for their customer base. 

When it comes to discussing budget and financials with a customer, it is important to explain that even if up-front costs are higher, that doesn’t mean the finished product will be more expensive over the life of the object. A cheaper, less appropriate powder coating job in Houston can and will cost more money over the life of the product, despite a lower up-front cost. Repairing infrastructure can disrupt the daily flow of life in an area, so investing in long-lasting, durable products for your city prevents needless interruptions to traffic flow, park attendance, and more. Public infrastructure is subjected to heavy use, damaging environmental factors, etc. and preventing premature damage by spending more up-front protects residents and their families.

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