Houston Powder Coaters is proud to have a close relationship with all the major powder manufacturers in North America, including that of AkzoNobel.  Between AkzoNobel’s Interpon and Resicoat brands, “Akzo” has become a leader in functional and industrial powder coatings around the world. 

With specific applications for the oilfield, marine, architecture, construction, and consumer goods, AkzoNobel makes both Interpon (a traditional powder coating line) and Resicoat (a fusion bonded epoxy coating). With its low environmental impact due to negligible volatile organic compounds and efficiency resulting is less waste, AkzoNobel Interpon and Resicoat are premium protective coatings that focus on ecological sustainability as well as industrial durability.

So, who powder coats with AkzoNobel Interpon and Resicoat in Texas?  Simple.  Houston Powder Coaters, one of the biggest custom powder coaters in the south.  With 3 oversized ovens, the largest batch oven extending over 65 linear feet, Houston Powder Coaters is set up to coat AkzoNobel’s Interpon and Resicoat product offerings.  So, if you are looking for a highly referred and experience powder coater or powder applicator in Texas, then Houston Powder Coaters is your place. Feel free to call or email the experts at Houston Powder Coaters for product/technical data sheet or to get your questions answered on the Interpon or Resicoat powder lines.