Within the many technological advances that have been brought on by the oil and gas industry, industrial coatings and their related processes are unsung heroes. The transportation of hydrocarbons through pipes is an integral and necessary mean of delivering the energy that fuels our nation, and the importance of protective coatings on and in these pipes cannot be overstated. Fusion bonded epoxy coatings have grown in popularity as an effective protectant against corrosion and other destructive forces since their introduction in the 1960s.  Two popular products that are frequently used in the interior coating of these oilfield pipes are Resicoat® Corvel 1-6051 Green (HKH12QF) fusion bonded epoxy and Resicoat® 596301 primer.  These coatings are also commonly known and referred to as Corvel® ECA-1660 and Corvel® EP-10.

With regards to fusion bonded epoxy coatings, a substrate is protected from destructive forces by the application of special melt-mixed solid polymers that are more advanced and protective than typical paint. The epoxy is a dry powder which is applied electrostatically to a substrate’s surface (such as the internals of steel pipes that will be transporting hydrocarbons). At normal temperatures, the powder remains in dry form.  But once applied to a preheated pipe, the powder “flows” to a liquid form, thereby cross-linking with the metal and the resin primer. This pattern creates a durable and longer-lasting protective barrier compared to other industrial coatings.

Corvel® ECA-1660, originally manufactured by Rohm and Haas and now currently owned by Akzo Nobel, is one such fusion bonded epoxy coating. This product is a melt-mixed epoxy thermoset coating (meaning that once it’s cured, it remains in that state forever) which is rated for use in elevated temperatures and pressures. Given that higher temperatures and pressures are common in the piping environments of the oil and gas industry, this product sees wide use across multiple disciplines.  Corvel® ECA-1660 is designed to be used in tandem with Corvel® EP-10, a liquid coating primer. The combination of the Corvel® EP-10 primer and Corvel® ECA-1660 offers great uniformed adhesion of the epoxy to the surface as well as increased resistance to H2S, CO2, CH4, and other petroleum distillates.  As such, this 2-part system is regularly used to coat drill pipe, production tubing, and associated fittings.

Interior pipe coatings can be a technical and niche subject, but the implications of these technologies reach far and wide.  If you would like to find out more these or other fusion bonded epoxy applications, feel free to reach out to the experts at Houston Powder Coaters.