The powder coating process has steadily gained in popularity since its introduction in the 1960s, with coating distributors and manufacturers popping up along with service shops that perform the actual coating process. It’s clear that powder coating in Houston is an effective process, and a popular one given the presence of heavy industry nearby that can always find a use for the technology. But what exactly happens in the powder coating process?

At its heart, powder coating is a process for applying a finish that protects a wide variety of surfaces from damage, whether chemical, radioactive, or physical. In Houston and surrounding areas like the Woodlands, Katy, and Baytown, powder coating enjoys popularity due to the needs of the ever-present oil and gas industry, but it can also be used to apply a protective coating to something as basic as household appliances.

The material applied to a surface in powder coating consists of a polymer resin base combined with additional materials such as curatives, pigments, and flow modifiers. These ingredients are ground into a uniform powder before being applied to the surface to be coated with the use of a specially-made spray gun, sometimes called a corona gun. These guns use an electrostatic process to actually apply the coating, which differs significantly from other coatings, like the wet coating of a traditional paint. Since the electrostatic process eliminates the need for wet coating, powder coating in the Woodlands, TX can be helpful in protecting everything from large machinery to the miles and miles of piping used in the oil and gas industry.

The electrostatic process utilized by the spray gun causes the powder coating particles to adhere to the electrically-grounded workpiece. Once the powder coating is applied, the piece enters a curing oven; the application of high heat to the piece causes chemical reactions in the coating that create longer molecular chains and thus higher density of the coating. Pieces are examined and re-coated as necessary to ensure the strength and durability of the coating.

The process of powder coating is a relatively recent one; through the power of electromagnetism, powder coating companies in Houston, as well as nearby areas like Katy and Baytown, can offer an effective solution in industrial coatings, able to protect everything from the parts in your vehicle to the rigs that produce the oil powering it.