There are various protective metal coatings in Houston available for industrial, commercial, and architectural applications. We offer two main options at Houston Powder Coaters.

The powder coating industry makes up around 15% of the market for protective metal coatings in Houston.  It was first introduced in the 1960s in North America, and over the decades has become the go-to protective finish for many different industries whose needs are vast.  Powder coatings require no solvents like liquid paints and coatings, so they emit almost no volatile organic compounds, or VOCs for short.  Without a liquid solvent the powder coating can be applied more thickly as it is not susceptible to sags like its liquid counterparts. With their low environmental impact, myriad of colors, and near infinite catalog of uses, protective metal coatings in Houston are in high demand.

Fusion-bonded epoxy coating, or FBE coating for short, is a type of protective metal coating typically used to protect steel pipes used in pipeline construction, rebar, valves, and more from corrosion.  On the interior of the pipes, a phenolic primer is used as an anti-corrosive basecoat that is resistant to oxygenated atmospheres but also carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, brine, and petroleum distillates.  After the primer comes the FBE, and with that the interior is done.  On the exterior, the phenolic primer step is skipped, instead FBE is applied and then a fusion-bonded polyester finishes the exterior for a superior protective metal coating.

Aside from FBE, the protective metal coatings industry in Houston has its hands in the appliance industry, outdoor industry, automotive industry, and construction.  For appliances, various protective metal coatings are used to defend the components of microwaves, refrigerators, and ovens from extreme hot and cold that could otherwise cause chipping and flaking.   Washers and dryers also need protective metal coatings from high heat and liquid or powder detergents.

When it comes to the automotive, construction and outdoors industries, their needs are similar.  Shielding from the elements is crucial.  Rain and snow, hot and cold weather, and general wear and tear from use make protective metal coatings in Houston essential to these industries, as well as a host of others.