Infrastructure is a small word that makes up a huge portion of what society sees and uses every day from parking lots to parks, sewage and water collection, electrical systems, transportation systems, and more.  What is considered public works is a part of a nation or region’s infrastructure, and because it encompasses such a large portion of everyday life, ensuring durability and longevity is essential to a happy public. 

For playground equipment at public parks, making sure nothing becomes rust-laden is essential for public safety.  Powder coating in Houston, TX is environmentally friendly and offers corrosion-resistant coatings in bright colors to suit child minds.  Anti-slip powder coatings can be used on steps and pathways too.  Parking lot barricades can also be powder coated in bright colors to ensure their visibility to prevent accidents. 

Unlike paint, which will need expensive repainting every few years, powder coating is chip and scratch-resistant and can last for many years.  Even the strongest outdoor paints on the market are susceptible to chipping, and unless sanded smooth during a repaint, previously chipped areas are more likely to chip again.  Powder coating in Houston is also resistant to fading in direct sunlight.  Most importantly, old and rusted equipment can be media blasted and powder coated to appear new with better protection than it ever had before, and it is more cost-effective than a complete replacement.