Marine-grade powder coatings in Houston, TX are special powder coatings specifically designed to withstand the harsh, corrosive environment of saltwater and the outdoors.  Protecting marine equipment and boating equipment from corrosion, rust, and other issues caused by regular exposure to the marine environment is essential to their durability and safety.  Tugboats, cruise ships, commercial fishing vessels, ferries, etc. are all subjected to wind, rain, sun, extreme variation in temperatures, and saltwater on a regular basis.  Many aspects of a boat are metal and extremely vulnerable to corrosion, and a simple powder coating process protects the structure and many components for many years. 

The versatility of marine-grade powder coating in Houston, TX allows the smallest the largest components of a boat, marine, or coastal structure to be powder coated and protected from weathering.  Direct contact with sea water is not the only risk to corrosion, however, and structures along the coast benefit greatly from marine-grade powder coating.  Port structures, dock structures, coastal playgrounds, and coastal commercial or residential buildings will all reap the rewards of marine-grade powder coating in Houston, TX.  

Marine vessels are subject to the exposure of different chemicals, even in clean water, that could also damage the structure without the right protective coating.  Different powder coating methods offer different protections, so discussing with Houston Powder Coaters your needs, as well as what your product will be exposed to, is crucial in getting the maximum benefit out of your coatings.  Marine-grade powder coatings in Houston, TX create an impermeable barrier between the sea salts and the structure underneath, preventing corrosion before it starts.