Powder coating has been around for several decades—specifically since the 1940s. For most of its history, the technology and materials used in the process are widely utilized in industrial applications that require specialized protective coatings. However, multiple fusion-bonded systems are now available to the average consumer who find simple kits for surprisingly cheap prices.  Since powder coatings are more effective at protecting surfaces than simple paint, using it for the purposes of outdoor furniture refinishing (or other hobbyist projects) can be very attractive to the DIY-minded.  However, there are several reasons why professional powder coating services are worth a little extra investment.

Whether you’re looking to powder coat something yourself or send it to a small shop that promises big results, be aware that there are many factors that can and will affect the final quality of the finish. Commercial/industrial powder coaters operate under strict regulations, work with high-end and expensive commercial equipment, and bring decades of experience with them.  A DIY home powder coating kit might claim to offer safe application, but it’s naive to overlook the many protections that professional powder coaters put into place.  Proper ventilation, respiration, and handling/disposal of the powder & media all require careful consideration.

Also, professional coaters follow surface preparation and quality control standards that far exceed the capabilities of amateurs.  The removal of rust, grease, and other contaminants ensure a clean surface for which the powder will adhere to.  Furthermore, deep anchor patterns created by these processes allow for the powder to sink further into the metal to better protect against dings, chips, and abrasions.  As you can guess, these services cannot be offered by anyone other than a professional powder coating facility.

It can be tempting to try DIY powder coating for small jobs such as outdoor furniture refinishing, but the truth is that the processes and techniques involved far exceed the capabilities of the average homemaker. If you’re in search of powder coating to protect something near and dear to you, it’s worth the investment to consult and work with a professional powder coating facility that can scale to your needs and offer a higher quality product.