When it comes to powder coating repair in Houston, recognize that the word “repair” is a relative term.  Yes, there are ways to repair powder coating.  But no, it’s not by original process that made it so strong.  Powder coating inherently involves large ovens that bake the powder onto the metal’s surface.  Most traditional powder coating powders are described as thermoset, meaning that once cured, their resins are cross-linked and hardened.  This is an irreversible process.  Therefore, any true repair that will integrate the fix into the original powder will have to start from scratch.  For this to happen, the coating would have to be burnt off to start the process all over again.

However, “field” powder coating repair in Houston involves feathering in the damaged area and applying wet primers and acrylic paints to protect the exposed/damaged metal.  Please note that repairing powder coatings in the field is a perfectly acceptable way to touch up weathered powder coated surfaces and protect those surfaces going forward. 

While powder coatings are extremely durable, aggressive transportation, installation, and use can all contribute to scrapes, dings, chips, and abrasions.  These are easy to repair in the field if you follow the following steps: 

  1. Using a putty knife or a wire brush to remove any loose flakes will ensure the surface is smooth and will resist chipping in the future.  Sandpaper can remove more stubborn chipped powder coating from the surface.  It is recommended to use fine-grit sandpaper. Using more coarse sandpaper could leave noticeable scratches on the surface.
  2. Using a power grinder, grind the surface of the touch-up area down to the bare metal.  Grinding will make the surface super smooth in preparation for the repair coating, but make sure to remove all dust and debris from the surface after grinding it down.
  3. Tape off the repair area before applying a zinc-rich primer.  While a zinc-rich primer is not required, it is highly recommended for carbon steel substrates.  Apply the primer with a brush until the appropriate color and thickness is reached.
  4. After all prior coatings have dried, apply a color-match spray or liquid touch-up that matches the original color.  It is essential that all prior coatings have dried between applications of the next layer. 

Note that colors and gloss levels may vary.  So, test a low-visibility area first to ensure color and gloss match.  Also, Powder coating repair in Houston for gates, bannisters, and fence panels may need to be addressed more often as weed trimmers, fertilizers, dog urine, and sprinkler systems all create much more hazardous and corrosive environments for the coating.

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