Bare metal components on the exterior of a home are going to rust – there are no two ways about it. Exposure to oxygen, humidity, and rain will begin the corrosion process, which will only get worse as time wears on. Sunlight (and its harsh UV rays) also breaks down traditional coatings and allows fluctuating seasonal temperatures to weaken joints and attack critical areas. These environmental elements seem to be constantly conspiring to ruin metal structures on the exterior of a home. Thus, protective coatings are a must for your outdoor gates, fence panels, and banisters. Protective (functional) coatings will also reduce maintenance costs over time and increase the value of your home.

The most basic type of coating—the simple paint job—provides some protection but leaves a lot to be desired. Average consumer-grade paint, when applied by a non-professional, is susceptible to uneven finishes, chipping, and cracking that can quickly jumpstart the corrosion process. Furthermore, a couple coats of paint will not build up enough “mils” to protect these pieces over time. Even a commercial grade paint will lose its gloss level over a year or two due to its lack of clearcoat resins.

Powder coating gates, fence panels, and banisters has increased in popularity over the years due to its higher level of protection and elegant look. Compared to traditional wet paint applications, the benefits of powder coating gates, fence panels, and banisters are exponentially greater.

Powder coated fences and gates are less likely to scratch, chip, or fade than other finishes. Furthermore, a 2-coat system which is a standard application for Houston Powder Coaters is approximately four times thicker than a panel that is processed in standard wet paint conveyer line. Since no solvents are used in its application, powder coating is also environmentally friendly as negligible amounts of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are released. In fact, Houston Powder Coaters employs electrostatically sprayed processes that are specified by the EPA as a Best Available Control Technology to help reduce air pollution.

The benefits of powder coating gates, fence panels, and banisters are simple:

  1. Stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than wet paint
  2. More resistant to chipping, scratching, and UV degradation
  3. Higher levels of protection due to thicker coating applications – thereby requiring less maintenance
  4. Longer color retention due to clear coat resins integrated into the powder
  5. Environmentally friendlier and more ecologically responsible.

Sounds like powder coating gates, fence panels, and banisters is the obvious choice. To find out more about the surface preparation and application process of these pieces, reach out to the experts at Houston Powder Coaters.