In large cities like Houston, thousands upon thousands of billboards line the busy highways and interstates to advertise businesses and organizations.  It is a great way to advertise as people drive to and from work, school, the grocery store, etc.  However, with the elements and weather subjecting billboards to constant abuse, they can look worn and torn relatively quickly, especially in a city like Houston. 

With powder coating in Houston, TX, the durability far surpasses that of liquid paint.  Billboards are particularly susceptible to wind, rain, heat, cold, sun, etc. because they are lifted high into the air making ensuring their durability tantamount.  A beat-up looking billboard gives passersby the impression that the business or organization may also be run-down although that is not true. 

Do not think that choosing powder coating in Houston, TX for your billboard will result in limited color options. That could not be further from the truth. Houston Powder Coaters has access to the RAF line of colors and can color match accurately to many other color systems to ensure that colors are accurate from digital media to billboard. 

The curing process for powder coating in Houston, TX is vastly shorter than the curing process for liquid paints.  Because of the quick nature of powder coating, billboards can be put up quickly which reduces labor costs and decreases down time.  This makes powder coating highly cost effective.  Lastly, powder coating is better for the environment than liquid paints.  With negligible VOCs (volatile organic compounds) being released into the atmosphere or the shop, it is also safer for employees.  Disposal methods are also not strictly regulated by the EPA because they don’t need to be.  In many cases, excess powder from a coating booth can be recycled for the next job.