When it comes to choosing the right color for a coating job, it should be no surprise that there are thousands of choices.  As with traditional wet paint applications, virtually any powder coat colors can be formulated to match any current sample or order.  There really is a rainbow of color possibilities.

However, before we get too far down this road, it is important to note that when powder coating in Houston, it is imperative to understand what the final application is for.  Is the piece going to be exposed to extreme heat, high humidity, or other environmental hazards?  Will the assembly incur high stress levels or corrosive agents?  Is the metal going to be expected to take excess impacts or bends?  These questions help determine the type of base polymer that should be used in color formulation.

From here, colors, textures, glosses, and effects can be decided.  You read it right; there is a large selection of options besides just powder coat colors.  Antiques, textures, jollipops, wrinkles, crinkles, clear coats are all options to create the final appearance that you are looking for.  Add these to the thousands of RAL powder coat colors and you have a humongous spectrum of color.

Although most powder coaters can buy from any of the major powder manufacturers in North America, only the larger coaters have close relationships due to the mass volumes they consume.  These relationships allow for better pricing (due to economies of scales), quicker delivery, and special favors (like jumping the line in specialty powder formulation requests).  Therefore, when considering purchasing powder coating in Houston, size does matter.  Houston Powder Coaters with its large-scale powder coating operations offer competitive pricing and quick turnarounds, in part because of its relationship with the powder manufacturers.

Whatever the application—industrial, architectural, commercial, or retail—Houston Powder Coaters will assist with your powder coat colors, textures, and polymer formulation.  Their knowledgeable staff is happy to share the knowledge and expertise needed to achieve the perfect coat for your application.