vThe outdoors can be rough on patio furniture in Houston.  The heat, the humidity, the rapidly changing weather, all take part in making your patio furniture dull, rusty, and old looking.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston provides a long-lasting barrier between your furniture and the elements.  Resistant to fading from the sun, rust from the humidity, and more, powder coating outdoor furniture is simply the best option to prolong the life of your possessions. 

Outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston is a multi-step process that starts with surface preparation.  The shop will take your old furniture and through burn-off, abrasive blasting (fine particles like sand or ground up walnut shells are blasted at the furniture to remove the previous coatings or rust), or hand-etching prepare the surface for the new finish.  This removes any old coatings on the furniture, debris, rust, and dirt and also creates a surface for the powder coating to adhere to.  After preparing the surface, the furniture is hung up and cleaned off with compressed air to create a dust-free surface.

When the furniture is fully prepared for refinishing, it is coated in the coating booth and then baked in the oven, going back and forth between the two several times.  This creates a unique barrier that will resist Houston’s hot and humid weather and ensure the longevity of your outdoor patio furniture.  Another benefit of outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston is choosing the color.  Powder coating offers many colors both classic and bright.  If you want simple and neutral go classic, if you want eclectic and unique go bright!