Whether it’s an antique piece that has been in the family for decades or a recent purchase that has fallen victim to some less-than-ideal climate conditions, outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston becomes necessary when an important or cherished furniture piece loses that special shine. Harsh climates with heavy rains, unrelenting heat, and salty Gulf Coast air can significantly lessen the life of a piece of outdoor furniture. High-humidity areas are also hard on a furniture piece’s protective coatings. It’s no surprise then that outdoor patio furniture in Houston can take a beating. Refinishing the protective coating on the piece is a good way to extend its life and to ensure it stays in the family for years.

Outdoor patio furniture refinishing in Houston can certainly be attempted as a DIY project.  But if a piece has fond memories and its own history attached, it’s usually a better option to choose a professional refinishing service. The price point of a DIY project might be more attractive, but ask yourself if it’s worth the time, effort, and potential poor quality of handling the job yourself.  It would be a shame to lose a family heirloom to poor workmanship.

For several reasons, a professional powder coating shop in Houston is much more equipped to handle this potentially delicate job. First, DIYers simply can’t compete with the attention to surface preparation standards and methods that a professional shop offers.  These industry experts have the knowledge and tools to use the appropriate burn-off, abrasive blast, or hand-etching techniques to­ prepare the surface to a cleanliness standard that can’t be approached by a DIYer. The process of abrasive blasting with industrial equipment also produces by-product that is simply not feasible for the DIYer to manage. A professional powder coating shop can ensure that the surface is as clean as possible prior to the application of the new finish. This is important since an unclean surface could lead to irregularities that result in a less effective and less attractive finish.

The professionals at a powder coating shop also have a huge advantage in the tools, workspaces, and application methods used in the outdoor patio furniture refinishing process. Powder coating is an excellent option for refinishing outdoor furniture due to its even and highly-protective coat, but the average DIYer certainly doesn’t have access to the industrial-grade electrostatic guns used in a powder coating shop. A coating booth allows a professional refinisher to hang the piece and coat every inch equally, and large ovens allow for the proper heat to be evenly applied on large or irregularly-shaped pieces. A professional powder coating shop in Houston should also have strict quality control and assurance practices in place, which can only come with the years of experience and insight offered by the pros.

There are a few reasons why a non-professional might try a DIY outdoor patio furniture refinishing job – cost and assumed ease of work.  It may be tempting to try this process yourself.  But if the piece has family history or you just want the job done right, a professional powder coating business can set your mind at ease by ensuring that the work is done properly and with the best equipment available.