Outdoor furniture refinishing services are especially important in an area like Houston. Although we love the outdoor life, we also have to be mindful of the threats that the elements pose to outdoor furniture: sun, rain, and near-constant humidity combine to make Houston, and the Gulf Coast in general, a difficult place to keep up a good set of outdoor furniture. No one wants to go to a barbecue or a simple patio get-together to be greeted with rusty or corroded furniture.

That’s where outdoor furniture refinishing comes in, and specifically powder coating in Houston services. Although there are a few options for refinishing your lawn and patio furniture, powder coating offers one of the most consistent and high-quality finishes compared to other processes like painting.

Professional outdoor furniture refinishing services that utilize powder coating begin with robust, thorough, and effective methods of surface preparation, including removal of previous coatings through burn-off, abrasive blasting, or hand-etching techniques. These processes are more effective in removing contaminants than any DIY process like using wire brushes in preparation for a coat of paint. Having a clean surface free from impurities is one of the most important aspects of getting a long-lasting and high-quality finish; therefore, if the longevity of your furniture is important, it’s worth the investment in professional outdoor furniture refinishing services.

In addition, furniture refinishing jobs that utilize powder coating processes will result in a finish that is more attractive and consistently applied, as well as being more durable in withstanding the weather of Houston. The application of multiple powder coats achieves an equal build-up of coating, which creates a more consistent appearance; additionally, the combination of the adhesive epoxy primer and polyester topcoat used in powder coating is better in preventing UV damage, rusting, and corrosion than any typical DIY paint job. With professional powder coating jobs, the process of coating and curing is repeated to ensure a quality and durability that is difficult to achieve with painting.

If you’re serious about outdoor furniture refinishing and want your pieces to last a lifetime, the choice is clear: professional powder coating in Houston services offer the most complete and high-quality refinishing process to ensure that your next get-together, and many more to come in the future, will not be affected by rusty or corroded furniture.