Negligible VOCs

When it comes to environmentally friendly coatings, powder coating is at the top of the list.  The largest difference between powder and industrial wet paint is the presence of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs for short).  VOCs, like one found in wet paint applications, are harmful to the environment as they dry and as they age.  Furthermore, they can create health problems for people who are exposed to them on a repetitive basis. Eco-friendly coatings such as powder and FBE coatings do not require an extensive exhaust system to the outdoors like their wet paint counterparts and are generally considered non-toxic and breathable. The application of powder coatings produces negligible VOCs and does not contribute to air pollution.

Less Hazardous Waste

Environmentally friendly coatings do more than not produce air pollution.  With liquid coatings, solvents are required to get the desired consistency and for cleanup or retouches, and the leftover solvent is considered hazardous waste.  Stripped paint needs to be disposed of properly as it can also be considered a hazardous waste.  This disposal is time-consuming and costly.  On the other hand, powder coating is easy to retouch and dispose of.  Eco-friendly coatings can be easily retouched, assuming you catch issues before curing.  The pieces can be easily wiped off or blown down with compressed air to remove the uncured powder then reapply.  Since powder coatings are considered non-toxic, they can be swept up and disposed of without any sort of special safety equipment.

Environmental Regulations Compliance

Because environmentally friendly coatings like powder coatings are non-toxic, inert, and produce little or no VOCs, the national safety regulations in place are already met or exceeded by Houston Powder Coaters.  Companies that exclusively powder coat don’t require the same oversight as wet paint companies.  The powders used in powder coating do not present a spill hazard, so mixing rooms are not needed to store and mix the powders, further enhancing its value as an eco-friendly coating.