Powder coating in Houston isn’t just important for the protection of pipelines in the oil and gas industry—it has applications in many other industries. In the economic powerhouse of Houston, powder coating is also used in residential and commercial construction. From the fencing and awnings that protect our homes to the railings, banisters, gates, and light poles that provide accessibility to commercial spaces, powder coating protects a variety of surfaces in Houston’s hot and humid climate.

The advanced electrostatic application process used in powder coating provides an especially resilient and durable surface, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Powder coat colors are readily available in a wide variety of on-hand stock, and if stock colors don’t provide an exact match, coat colors can also be specially formulated to match a specific need.

The powder coating in Houston process adheres to strict preparation and quality standards no matter the surface or application. Architectural finishes, like those that would commonly be used in residential or commercial spaces, must follow the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) standards. The AAMA provides offers three specifications for the performance that a coating is expected to achieve:

AAMA 2603: typically used for indoor applications, this specification requires that coated surfaces incur only slight cracking, fading, and chalking when exposed to outdoor elements for one year. Although it specifies a protection level according to its ability to withstand outdoor stresses, this specification is suitable for indoor supports and panels, doors, windows, handrails, and fixtures.

AAMA 2604: this “intermediate” coating specification is more stringent in requiring greater color and gloss retention over a five-year period of stresses. As a result, it’s suitable for high-traffic areas with greater exposure to the sun and other outdoor elements. Balconies, handrails, fences, and light poles are common commercial applications.

AAMA 2605: this is the “high-performance” specification for exterior coatings, requiring surface color retention and chalk resistance over a 10-year period. Coatings that adhere to this specification are rarer; some applications would be culturally or architecturally important structures where significant protection is required.

Though any powder coating shop in Houston should be familiar with architectural coatings and the related specifications, not every shop has the expertise, knowledge, and tools to pull off the task successfully. When the job calls for powder coating of common architectural surfaces, be sure to work with a shop that has the right tools and the right attitude to provide an exceptional product.