High performance protection in the world of powder coating is normally associated with engineered formulations that repel caustic environmental conditions.  However, it can also simply relate to the incorporation of silver ions into the powder to inhibit the growth and spread of mildew and microbes.

The term “anti-microbial” has everyday connotations related to cleaning agents like Clorox or Lysol.  After all, this billion-dollar industry has been successful in having us wipe down our counters on a daily basis.  However, what if the surface itself was actively disinfecting itself.  Instead of using a sanitizing alcohol wipe, the surface itself was self-cleaning.  Anti-microbial powder coatings use the environmentally responsible naturally occurring element of silver (which has been shown to offer protection against microbes without toxic reactions to humans and animals).

In the healthcare industry, anti-microbial powder coatings are crucial to the health and wellness of a facility and its patients.  Medical trolleys and equipment, hospital beds, door push plates, handicap rails, and stair railings can all be powder coated to prevent the spread of hospital infections such as MRSA and E. Coli.  With anti-microbial powder coatings, the growth of infectious microbes is inhibited and not allowed to spread.  In fact, several of these anti-microbial powder coatings pass ISO22196 and JIS Z 2801 testing standards for efficacy.

What makes this even more exciting is that this anti-microbial protection product can be added to most current powder color formulations.  So, it can be matched and used for a large multitude of commercial applications.  For Bathrooms, Playground & Fitness Equipment, Hand Rails, Door Handles, and High-Touch Surfaces in Schools, Child Care Facilities, Hospitals, Restaurants, Pubic Transit & Parks.  These anti-microbial powder coatings will help reduce the spread of harmful and contagious microbes.

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